Day 30 - A picture of someone you miss

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I could go for the obvious one and say my dad, which is true I do miss him.  Then there are the people that are still alive that I haven’t seen in a while.   Or college friends that have moved away. I really didn’t know who to pick but then mom sent me this nice picture and I knew that I had to pick the Mish Sisters, Aunt Alfreda (left), Aunt Josie (center) and my Grandma (right).  Alfreda was the professional, working her whole career at AT&T. She always was dressed up really fine and her mannerism were very business like. I remember sitting at Alfreda’s house dreadfully watching Larry King Live in the evenings (not what a 10 year wants to watch!) I never got to watch what I wanted at her house.  And she would make me slave all day cleaning up her basement and all I’d get was $5 (this is an important fact when get to Josie). Then there is Aunt Josie. She was a little spit fire old lady and she always made me laugh. She taught me how to swear in Polish. She drank her “water” (vodka) straight up and chain smoked here Parliament cigarettes (she always hid them from us).  Someday I will pour her some “water” in Heaven.  She would give me $5 for carrying ONE load of laundry up from her basement…very generous!   Finally there is Grandma. Since my mom’s parents were gone way before I was born and my grandpa died when I was young, I really only had my grandma.  She was an amazing person, living into her 90s. I spent many Friday and Saturday nights at her house watching Golden Girls and Empty Nest. She would rub my back until I fell asleep and every morning I had to wake up to watch the 5am train go past. (I was a weird kid)  I think I drove her nuts.  But the thing I miss most about the Mish sisters was playing cards, especially 31.  Oh the memories….

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