Sunday, April 23, 2023

It was Correa bat give away at the Twins game today. I can’t believe they gave us large bats! We got upgraded again and the Twins win in 2 hours and 13 minutes. It was a great game but a bit cold at 40 degrees. 

Summer and Winter; Baseball and Soccer

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Well this has been some week. We had our first Twins game of 2023 on April 11th (my mom’s birthday). We played the Chicago White Sox. And the temperature was 80 degrees at first pitch!  It was such a beautiful night. The improvements look awesome. The scoreboard is huge! We got upgrade to section 117 which was a real treat. 

The game was so fun. I’m a big fan of the pitch clock. If our closer didn’t blow the save, we would have been done at 2 hours. But that’s ok because we went extra innings and saw a walk off bunt/error. A great way to cap off the night. Total game time was 2:23! We were home by 10pm which is good because we had to work the next day. I also got my first ever stamp in my MLB passport book. I wish I knew about this years ago…now we have to go back to all the ballparks again. πŸ˜‚

After a 10 mile run (woo hoo!) on a treadmill (boo hoo) Eric, DJ, Alec and I went to the Minnesota Loons game. It was so cold and wet! So different from Tuesday’s baseball game. I bought a winter headband for my ears. I’m also glad I had hand warmers. The game was still fun but the stupid loons lost. πŸ˜”

Today, winter is back in full swing. πŸ₯ΆπŸ˜₯

Finn/Reba Update

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Finn and Reba are still adorable. They survived another visit with the vet. 

Finn likes my new show box, it is hers now

Comforting Reba after a nail clipping

Outstretched daggars

Finn is ready for the vet visit. She like her carrier.

Chef Reba. Somebody on Facebook suggested using a bar stool to keep a needy kitty occupied while you cook. It worked.  

Finn and her box. Carter sat on the box so its integrity is compromised.

Finn on the box a few days later, licking her chops

Reba enjoying my blanket

Inspecting my Easter Dinner preparations


Hot Chocolate 10K

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Like a lot of my races lately, my main concern going into the day is how will my knee react. This week has been exceptionally bad.  A volleyball double header on Tuesday didn't help matters. Running the rest of the week was a no-go. I used the hot tub a few times, iced a lot and ate Advil like candy.  On race morning. I KT taped my legs and we were off. Unlike the disaster of the weekend before, the weather was great. Most of the snow melted. Parking was easier and we arrived in time for me use the potty. It was starting out great. And after a bit we were off. The first 3 miles of the course are very nice, rolling hills, mostly down hill.  I had a great first three miles with paces under 14 minute miles. Mile 4 was crap and I knew it would be because it was mostly uphill. Mile 5 and 6 were just about finishing. I wanted to keep my overall pace under my best 5K time and I did that by quite a bit. So overall I'm happy. It was my fastest 10K since 2019. My goal was to do it under 1:30. I hit the 10K mark on my watch at 1:29:29 but the was the course was long (they said it was long because we had to run around a snow pile) and my official time was 1:30:45. 

I got a lot of compliments on my mileage capris. And somebody even said I was pretty. 


Goldy's 5K

Sunday, April 2, 2023

The day before the race we got 7 inches of slushy snow and we all now how well Minneapolis cleans their streets so this was an icy race. The other thing that the U of M has is traffic jam. It took us 20 minutes to go 2 blocks. It was insane!  We arrived to the race 12 minutes after it started so we had run to the start and had to just go. No potty stop for me. :(  The 10 mile race was starting in 8 minutes so Eric was frantically trying to catch up to the 5K race. He was having me run 10 minute mile pace, which I don't do, to catch the walkers. Even after we caught the back of the 5K he was still very frantic about getting ahead. This made for a great first mile...well it would have been if we didn't hit the bottleneck of walkers on the U of M bridge. The bridge was a sheet of ice so we couldn't run.  All the frantic running in the beginning only resulted in both us hurting ourselves.  Both us had shin and calf pain. We battled this pain for the rest of the race and we still couldn't get ahead of the walkers. It was a very cold frustrating race.  Even with the struggles and lack of running, my overall pace wasn't off much from the last 5K in March so there is that. I wonder how fast I could have run it had we not had the frustrations in the beginning and the slippery race course. 


Best April Fool Joke Ever! NOT!

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us.  The best April Fools Joke ever...NOT!  We went to bed and it was raining, we woke up to 7 inches of snow. Not cool. It was so heavy and my snowblower didn't like how wet and sticky it was. I got my work out in shoveling the snow.  And they didn't come plow our road until 11:30. It was so bad.  Oh and we had to move Caio out of his apartment in this crap. Argh!