Carter's Birthday Party

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Carter turned 3 on January 4. We celebrated today with a party at Danielle's house. We had tacos and penguin cupcakes (Danielle made them and they were cute). Carter got quite a few nice presents. Since the party theme was penguins, we got him the Don't Break the Ice game because it has a big penguin on the box and the character in the game now is a penguin. It was a great time. After the party, we dropped Anna off at her dorm for her next semester at MSU. 

Forgotten Star Brewing 5K

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

We started the new year off right with a 5K at the Forgotten Star Brewing Company in Fridley on January 1st. It was a very slow race with mostly walking. We finally got a dusty of snow the morning of the race so the path was slick so we didn't run much. Plus running is so hard right now. It sucks but we got our first race of the year done. yay!