Hot Dash 5K

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Another race is in the book for 2019 and finally I was able to run a decent race! The January one was extremely cold and icy and the February one I had strep, cold and pink eye.

I wasn't sure how it was going to go today. I have increased my mileage this month but it has been a lot of long, slow runs. I have done some speed work but speed work for a half is slower than 5K speed work.

My goal was to finish under 40 minutes. That is roughly a 12:30 pace. I know this course as I have ran it numerous times with various races. Miles 1 and 2 were consistent at 12:18 and 12:21.

Mile 3 sucked but there are some hills on that mile and I was just done with the race. When the finish came into the view, I sprinted down the final hill and finished at 39:34. Yay!  I made my goal!  I'm happy with it!

Stairs 2, Kim 0

Let me start this story last Friday. I took the day off of work to run 12 miles. I know I'm weird. It was still a little chilly and icy so I ran on the treadmill at the community center. It went great. All my miles were consistent and I felt amazing afterwards. Other than some minor chafing on my arms (I didn't use Body Guide on my arms, doh!) I had no pain!

Fast forward to Wednesday. I had to go up to the 22nd floor. From my floor to the 22nd floor requires two elevator rides. On the way down I thought instead of taking the elevators, I'll walk down the stairs. It is only 8 flights (granted one flight in my building is 22 steps so in reality it was more like 16 normal flights). Anyways, by the time I got down to the 14th floor my legs were wobbly. The next day my quads were very tight and mad at me. I went sat in the hot tub and tried to massage them but it didn't help. I felt worse today. I think it is crazy is that I can run 12 miles and feel great but 8 flights of stairs and I'm sore and limping.  I know, I know, different muscle groups...

Stairs 1, Kim 0

Last night I was walking down the stairs at home and slipped off a step and went down on my ass and slide down the stairs. Seriously? I'm not badly injured other than my butt is sore.

Stairs 2, Kim 0

Stairs may have won this week but next week will be different!

1 mile & 10 miles

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Early this week I was going to run on the treadmill. Of course, when I got to the community center all of the treadmills were being used. Up to the damn indoor track. I go...I know I should be grateful I have somewhere warm and dry to run. However, 14 laps for one mile gets so boring. Ugh. I walked the first lap to warm up.  I was contemplating how I was going to do this run. Usually I run 2 or 3 laps and then walk a lap. Ever since I switch to Jeff Galloway’s method of running, I haven’t run longer than a half mile straight. So I decided on 3 laps run, 1 lap walk. I started to run and it felt great so I kept going. I did 3 laps and said I’m going to run one more, and then another and another. When I got to 6 or 7, I thought I’m going to run 14 straight! It was tough. I slowed down my pace but kept plugging away and before I knew it, I ran a mile non-stop in 12:30. I honestly don’t remember the last time I did that! The next mile I went back to Galloway method.

Today I set out to run 10 miles. Thankfully I got a treadmill. I ran a little slower to makes sure I can get to 10. I watched 2 episodes of Brothers and Sisters. I switched to Animal House movie because I was missing an episode of B&S. Not much to say about the run. I was pretty much shot by the start of mile 10 so I worked on my speed walking. Overall it was a good run. I checked and the last time I ran at least 10 miles (that was not in a race) was May 11th. I’m very happy with this!

I have ran more in the first 9 days of March than I did all of February. February was a bad month!

8 miles again!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

I woke up this morning, looked at my training schedule and saw 8 miles and thought crap!! I haven't ran 8 miles since the half marathon on December 1st and quite honestly, I was walking already by the time I got to mile 8 because the race sucked so bad. So actually this is really the first time since November 11. That was 111 days ago! 

Since we got another 6 inches of snow yesterday, (After the 40 inches we got in February, the 4th snowiest months since 1800s). I decided if I tried to do it outside I would definitely quit before I got to 8. So I went to the community center to run on the treadmill. I was so disappointed that all the treadmills were taken. I wandered around for a bit and finally somebody got off one. I was so relieved. There is no way I could have done 112 laps upstairs on the track!

Every winter season I pick a series to watch on my iPad while doing these long runs. A few years ago it was Mad Men...I LOVED that series and was sad it was done. After that was the entire Downton Abbey series, again. And now I'm watching Brothers & Sisters. It really makes the time fly by. As I'm slower than molasses, I got through 2 episodes today. There wasn't enough time for 3...that will be next week when I need to get 10 miles in. LOL!