8 miles again!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

I woke up this morning, looked at my training schedule and saw 8 miles and thought crap!! I haven't ran 8 miles since the half marathon on December 1st and quite honestly, I was walking already by the time I got to mile 8 because the race sucked so bad. So actually this is really the first time since November 11. That was 111 days ago! 

Since we got another 6 inches of snow yesterday, (After the 40 inches we got in February, the 4th snowiest months since 1800s). I decided if I tried to do it outside I would definitely quit before I got to 8. So I went to the community center to run on the treadmill. I was so disappointed that all the treadmills were taken. I wandered around for a bit and finally somebody got off one. I was so relieved. There is no way I could have done 112 laps upstairs on the track!

Every winter season I pick a series to watch on my iPad while doing these long runs. A few years ago it was Mad Men...I LOVED that series and was sad it was done. After that was the entire Downton Abbey series, again. And now I'm watching Brothers & Sisters. It really makes the time fly by. As I'm slower than molasses, I got through 2 episodes today. There wasn't enough time for 3...that will be next week when I need to get 10 miles in. LOL!

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