Clay class and running

Saturday, February 23, 2019

I feel 100% better and finally had a good run this morning. We have a half marathon in Philadelphia in 35 days and my training has been nonexistent. I managed to wake up early and snag my favorite treadmill at the Community Center and run 6 miles. It was a slow six but I still got there. I'm a little more confident I won't be walking the entire half. Lol!

After the run and shower, we met the Stayers at Pizza Luce for lunch. Celeste, Evelyn and I had a clay class afterwards. We made lanterns. I really like mine. I had bigger aspirations but we didn't have enough time for what I wanted to do. Go figure. I wasn't happy I couldn't get the top level so I made a cover to go on top, problem solved. I can't wait to get it after it has been fired and glazed.

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