I can finally breathe…

Friday, February 22, 2019

Well I haven’t had time to write in almost two months. It has been a very busy couple of months at work but today I can finally breathe. We filed our Annual Statements today. The first big hurdle of the year is complete. No more working weekends and nights. Even though we are full staff again, I was busier this year end. It was awful. I can take my life back. And maybe start running religiously again.

I have managed to keep my race streak alive. We ran the Flurry Scurry 5K and the Valentines Day 5K. Both were bitterly cold and my times sucked. Valentine’s day was very bad, I woke up with a chest cold, and sore throat. If it would have been any other month, I would have skipped the race and picked up another one later in the month. But this is Minnesota and there are not very many options. I put on a ton of layers and Eric and I briskly walked it. I was so miserable!

Here is Flurry Scurry 5K picture:

Here is the Valentine’s Day 5K picture:

The Tuesday before the race, I had a really bad sore throat. I had all the classic symptoms of strep throat. After the 3 hour commute home because of the snow storm that moved in, I went to urgent care. Of course the rapid test came back negative so no drugs for me. My fever was still 102 the next morning so I worked from home. I suffered with the sore throat for the rest of the week.

After the race, we spent the weekend with my mom in Wisconsin. We went to the KC Gala. It was the usual meal with the usual people. My chest cold and sore throat affected my voice. I couldn’t talk! It was awful. This is two years in a row I went to this Gala and was sick. I had a rough night with all the coughing and the development of pink eye. Yep! 

Eric and I left right away Sunday morning. It was snowing very hard and the interstate was a disaster. We saw a couple chain reaction accidents involving many cars and semis. There we quite a few cars in the ditch too. It was a bad drive home. We went straight to urgent care. The confirmed I had pink eye and the doctor didn’t like how my tonsils looked. Guess what??? I have strep. Seriously?! I got an antibiotic for that and drops for my pink eye. I actually stayed home from work on Monday too. I tried to work but couldn’t do it. We are now 18 days later and I finally feel ok. I’m still hacking up stuff but otherwise I feel ok.

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