Garmin Land of Oz Half Marathon

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Kansas is crossed off the list. State #27 is done, only 23 to go. This was a struggle. I know I say that about all races but this one truly was the worst. My training was almost entirely walking because of my knee issues. Because of time constraints and being lazy, my longest walk was only 8 miles so this was setting up to be a rough race.  

Race Start

The temperature was warm which doesn't work well for me and WINDY. Sustained winds of 25 mph from the south but often gusty. It was crazy windy. Eric almost lost his hat a few times. And then we had a couple sections where it randomly downpour. What the heck?

The course was a bit hilly with an uphill finish. The last 2 miles were the worst ever. I couldn't even run into the finish and always run into the finish line.

Phil ran the full and did awesome!