Finn/Reba October Update

Pumpkin Carving

Saturday, October 29, 2022

We went over the the Stayers to carve pumpkins and have dinner this afternoon. They turned out pretty good.  I did the skull.

Caio didn’t carve his pumpkin so I did. 

Not sure if Reba approves 

Mpls Halloween 5K

We ran the Minneapolis Halloween 5K this morning. As usual this is one of my fastest race of the year. The weather was perfect…sunny and 45 degrees. It was a amazing. There were a lot of costumes. I went as a race course volunteer. Hahaha. (My only orange shirt is the Mankato marathon volunteer shirt).

Mile one went pretty good. I had a bit of shin pain. But the knee held up pretty good. Mile 2 has the hill up the bridge. I fought back to get a decent time on this mile. I was blocked at the water stop by 3 inflatable costumes. They were blocking the way and I couldn’t get around them. Right before the Stone Arch bridge my calf seized up and I had to limp along for a while. 

When we got home, Eric did his usual putting the medal on Reba. She said it was a rough race. 😂

Blake’s Birthday Party

Reba’s surgery

Friday, October 7, 2022

Reba has had a rough couple of weeks. She developed Stomatitis which is an allergy to teeth plaque. (Who knew?!?) She wouldn’t eat for a week and finally they decided to remove most of her teeth. She seems to have recovered well and is eating again.