Camp Wannarunamileormore 5K

Saturday, April 17, 2021

We had a live race this morning! It was small but fun. I got to catch up with Meghan which was great! I need more races in my life.

Easter 2021

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

We spent the weekend at Bonnie's house in Omaha. It was so nice to see family again! Eric bought a gigantic chocolate bunny. It was very good but unfortunately melted on the car ride home. HAHA!

Easter Egg Dyeing

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Some of my family came up this weekend to dye Easter eggs. We had pizza for lunch and played some cards too. It was a nice time. 

Carter's Baptism

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Eric, Anna and I went down to DJ's house yesterday to spend the night. We went to Mazatlán for dinner...yummy salsa. We couldn't get a table until 8pm and they were really slow but the chips and salsa were good...we ate 3 baskets before our food came out. 

Today we went to Amboy for Carter Dylan Dobie's baptism. Bradley's brother, Nick and his fiancé Jeremy were the Godparents. After the service I got to ride in their new Tesla. It was pretty amazing. That thing had kicks. It was like a rollercoaster. We had a nice lunch and talked until almost 3pm. Anna drove us to DJ's house. We have to get her experience on the open road. It was a bit challenging because the wind was very strong. 

Virtual or Deferred :(

Sunday, March 14, 2021

I had high hopes for 2021 after 2020 was a bust but 2021 is turning out to be just as bad. :(  

Earlier this month Missoula Marathon just up and canceled this years live race...they made it virtual but that is so lame. We were not given an option to defer. Thankfully they offered us 50% refund. I guess that is better than nothing. This was supposed to be our June race. 

The Garmin Land of Oz Marathon in Kansas kept saying the race was on and they were taking precautions to insure a live race. But on Thursday, 38 days before the start, they announced they moved it to November.  ARGH!  Of course it is a weekend we can't do it. We will have to defer to 2022. I'm a little upset but honestly my training has been terrible so this is probably a Godsend. 

So, for now, the only race we have on the schedule for 2021 is Madison Marathon...unless they cancel too. I'm afraid to sign up for any races as I don't want them to cancel on us. This is ruining my training. I don't want to run without a race to train for but I need to get back in shape. I wish races would come back.   

A Waterfall and Teen Drivers

Saturday, March 13, 2021

We went to Mankato’s DMV on Tuesday so the kids could get their permits. We stopped at Minneopa State Park to check out the falls. It was very cool! The water was flowing but the frozen stack was still there.  

We now have two teen drivers in the house. We haven’t had a chance to take Caio out yet but Anna has had about 2 hours of driving around the school parking lot. 

First 60* day! ☀️

Sunday, March 7, 2021

We enjoyed the beautiful weather today. I went for a longish run (4 miles) and then Eric, Anna and I biked to DQ for lunch. I love days like today. 

7 days with our a Mountain Dew.

Winter Hiking

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

 DJ came up on Sunday to go hiking to some cavemen sculptures. The first one ZugZug was easy to find and just a short walk. Zaraha was a bit difficult. We went way out of our way and then actually trudged through the snow to get on another trail and eventually we found her. A 1.6 mile hike turned into almost 3 miles. Haha.

Carmen's Birthday Tea

Sunday, February 21, 2021

 We celebrated Carmen's 6th birthday on Saturday with a Birthday Tea with sandwiches, tea and scones and much more food. It was good. Sadly Caio couldn't go because he had to work.

A bit of a lag

Friday, January 22, 2021

Well work got the best of me. And Shin Splints came back to my left leg and knee pain so train was derailed. Here is Eric and my last walk before I took 4 days off.

I came back on Tuesday with a slow run. It went ok.  It was snowy too.

We also went for a walk on Wednesday.