Hatfield & McCoy Half Marathon

Monday, June 10, 2019

I survived! I'm not sure how...but I did! I didn't prepare very well for this race. I did a few hill work outs before this race including a difficult hike up Bear Butte. But I should have been training them way before 3 weeks before. Oh well, I learned my lesson.

The weather was about as good as we could expect for June in Kentucky. It was rained the first hour which was good for cooling me off. This race has a history of being very hot so the rain was a welcome relief. The only bad thing is my shoes and socks were soaked which caused foot pain. Thankfully no blisters but it sure felt like I was getting them.

The first 4 miles were not as scary as I thought and I actually did better than I had imagined. I ran up hills!  That is not something I do often...I hate hills. The big hill was worse than I had imagined but I still walked it faster than I thought I would.  Yay!  Once at the top I ran down the hill nonstop. It was amazing. Sadly my feet really started to hurt with the wet socks.

The rest of the race seemed flat (it wasn't) and I walked a lot of it because my feet hurt. Overall it was one of my worse halves but I don' care.

Half #28....State #21 done!


Juanita's Graduation

Harney Peak and Bear Butte Hiking

Monday, May 27, 2019

This past weekend we traveled to Rapid City for Juanita's graduation. While we were out there I decided that I need to do some more hiking. The first hike was at Black Elk Point (aka Harney Peak). Last year we did this hike in very hot, sunny weather. We took a wrong turn and ended up doing 9 miles. This year was completely different! I was so glad that I had waterproof shoes. My feet stayed mostly dry for the entire hiking until I stepped into a puddle that was deeper than my shoe. Crap!  It was cold! After the hike, we went to Cabela's to shop for legitimate hiking boots. I'm so glad I did!

The second day I wanted to do Bear Butte. Eric always talks about Bear Butte so I made him take me there. It was a very steep scary hike but I survived. I'm so happy I bought hiking boots. My ankles would not have survived that hike with my other hiking shoes.

Allista & Bailey's Wedding

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

We traveled to Missoula, Montana over the weekend to attend Allista and Bailey's wedding. I was honored to be her flower girl. She was our flower girl 16 years ago!  It was a very nice, simple wedding and reception.