Happy August!

Monday, August 1, 2022

Welcome to August! This summer is flying by and I am not keeping up on my blogging. 

Anna is still in Brazil. She should be back Friday night. She was supposed to be back on July 24th but because she was under 18 at the time, Brazil wouldn’t let her leave the country without both parents’ permission. Adrian was there but Fa was not so she was denied boarding and had to wait a while until she turned 18 which was last Friday. So hopefully nothing stops her this time and she will be back. 

This weekend was busy!  

Eric's Birthday Celebration!

Eric’s birthday was Friday. We had a very early morning race on Saturday in Stillwater so we decided to spend the night at a hotel in Stillwater. We got an extra 90 minutes of sleep because we could pick up our race packets the night before instead of waiting in a long line on race morning. After we picked up our packet we decided to do some walking around Stillwater. It is a cute river town. We went over the old lift bridge which is now just a pedestrian/bike trail. We walked along the river front too looking at the expensive boats going up and down the river. When we were leaving, I got a Snapchat picture of me getting into my car from Abbie. She and Bryce were eating at the restaurant behind our parking spot. A little creepy but we talked to them for a bit before we headed out to eat.

St. Croix Crossing 5K

Saturday morning came very fast. Our race started in Wisconsin and crossed the St. Croix River Crossing bridge which is fairly new. We ran the 5K and it was a beautiful course; I definitely wouldn’t mind doing it again but maybe the 10K or Half next time. Their courses are always mostly downhill which is fun. I had a pretty good time and ran a lot more than I thought I would. My training hasn’t been great, mostly walking. During the last mile I heard somebody scream my name...I don’t know anybody in Stillwater, who is yelling my name. I turned around and it was Mike, Linda and Alec. They total surprised me. After we finished, we went back to the hotel to pack up our stuff and met them at Perkins for breakfast. 

After Race "Party"

After breakfast we headed to our house. Eric and I took quick showers and we all went shopping. Eric, Mike and Alec joined DJ for the Minnesota Loons soccer game. Linda and I met Nancy and Greg at Prior Lake to take out Greg’s boat. It was a better experience this time. The motor worked! We didn’t wash ashore! We didn’t have to get towed back to the boat ramp!  It was a very warm day and there were a lot of boats on out on the lake but it was nice.  

Birthday Celebration

We all headed back to my house to prepare for the Birthday Party with the Stayers. Eric, Celeste, Caio, Anna and Alec all have birthdays at the end of July and August 1st. So we celebrated all of them with a grill out. We had chicken, steak, pulled pork, brats, hot dogs, baked potatoes and corn on the cob along with other salads and sides and of course a huge birthday cake. It was a lot of food! I think we all had a good time. I like being the party house, even though I was exhausted from all the day’s events.


Finn was loving Mike’s lap Saturday after everyone left.


Yesterday we took Mike, Linda and Alec to Valleyfair. It was another long day of the sun but it was fun. I went on all the rides Alec did, he just did a couple of them a few more times. Alec took my reign of Milk Can Toss Champion when he sunk a ball and won an giant alligator. We didn’t get home until after 7pm but we had fun.

Its been a while...

Monday, July 25, 2022

 Wow, I haven't updated in a while...and we have been busy!

Alexa graduated over Memorial Day weekend. Anna can't wait to do it next year. Haha. Pictures are here:

We went on a long road trip to Las Vegas and a bunch of National Parks. Pictures are here: Road Trip

We have been to a bunch of Twins games, Loons games and Horse races at Canterbury. Our life is back!


Only a few races: Lola's 5K and Sarcoma 5K. We traveled to Milwaukee for the last one. Sadly we didn't see Melissa because she had Covid.

Anna and DJ went to Brazil in the end of June. DJ came back yesterday, Anna is still stuck in Brazil...long story.

We also went to see Blake's T ball game. That was interesting.

Colfax Urban 10 Mile

Monday, May 16, 2022

We ran the Colfax Urban 10 Mile in Denver yesterday. We were supposed to run this race back in 2020 but with Covid we were able to defer to 2022. I imagined I would be in awesome shape with 2 years of training but the opposite happened. Hahaha. The elevation kicked my butt and it got really hot for this Minnesota girl.

On a positive note, I had negative splits the first 5 miles and had my best 5 mile time this year. Yay!! A win! Mile 5 was through Bronco's Stadium which was really cool!  But the last 5 miles were rough. The last mile was the worst. I had cramping in my arch. But it wasn't as bad as the marathoner who was walking barefoot because his shoes were "shredding" his feet. Poor guy!  My overall time (2:45:00) was better than the first 10 miles of Kansas so that is a win too!  But I need to get better. That is so slow compared to where I used to be. I need to start seriously training.

Garmin Land of Oz Half Marathon

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Kansas is crossed off the list. State #27 is done, only 23 to go. This was a struggle. I know I say that about all races but this one truly was the worst. My training was almost entirely walking because of my knee issues. Because of time constraints and being lazy, my longest walk was only 8 miles so this was setting up to be a rough race.  

Race Start

The temperature was warm which doesn't work well for me and WINDY. Sustained winds of 25 mph from the south but often gusty. It was crazy windy. Eric almost lost his hat a few times. And then we had a couple sections where it randomly downpour. What the heck?

The course was a bit hilly with an uphill finish. The last 2 miles were the worst ever. I couldn't even run into the finish and always run into the finish line.

Phil ran the full and did awesome!