Goldy's 5K

Sunday, April 2, 2023

The day before the race we got 7 inches of slushy snow and we all now how well Minneapolis cleans their streets so this was an icy race. The other thing that the U of M has is traffic jam. It took us 20 minutes to go 2 blocks. It was insane!  We arrived to the race 12 minutes after it started so we had run to the start and had to just go. No potty stop for me. :(  The 10 mile race was starting in 8 minutes so Eric was frantically trying to catch up to the 5K race. He was having me run 10 minute mile pace, which I don't do, to catch the walkers. Even after we caught the back of the 5K he was still very frantic about getting ahead. This made for a great first mile...well it would have been if we didn't hit the bottleneck of walkers on the U of M bridge. The bridge was a sheet of ice so we couldn't run.  All the frantic running in the beginning only resulted in both us hurting ourselves.  Both us had shin and calf pain. We battled this pain for the rest of the race and we still couldn't get ahead of the walkers. It was a very cold frustrating race.  Even with the struggles and lack of running, my overall pace wasn't off much from the last 5K in March so there is that. I wonder how fast I could have run it had we not had the frustrations in the beginning and the slippery race course. 


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