Hot Chocolate 10K

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Like a lot of my races lately, my main concern going into the day is how will my knee react. This week has been exceptionally bad.  A volleyball double header on Tuesday didn't help matters. Running the rest of the week was a no-go. I used the hot tub a few times, iced a lot and ate Advil like candy.  On race morning. I KT taped my legs and we were off. Unlike the disaster of the weekend before, the weather was great. Most of the snow melted. Parking was easier and we arrived in time for me use the potty. It was starting out great. And after a bit we were off. The first 3 miles of the course are very nice, rolling hills, mostly down hill.  I had a great first three miles with paces under 14 minute miles. Mile 4 was crap and I knew it would be because it was mostly uphill. Mile 5 and 6 were just about finishing. I wanted to keep my overall pace under my best 5K time and I did that by quite a bit. So overall I'm happy. It was my fastest 10K since 2019. My goal was to do it under 1:30. I hit the 10K mark on my watch at 1:29:29 but the was the course was long (they said it was long because we had to run around a snow pile) and my official time was 1:30:45. 

I got a lot of compliments on my mileage capris. And somebody even said I was pretty. 


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