Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Many things inspire me.  My love of traveling inspires me to work harder to make more money so I can travel more (see Day 15). Eric inspires me to be lazy and try to tone down my Type A personality. He also inspires me to run laps at the track even when I complain and say I’m too slow or I’m not a runner.  He inspires my new found love for soccer (Go Chelsea!) and my tolerance of Doctor Who. My mom inspires me to be nice and caring because to be honest she is the nicest, most caring person in the world.  My dad always inspired me to go to school (especially St. Mary’s University) and to be an honest and pious person.  After 8 years of college and 2 degrees I think he was still much smarter than me.   Mom and dad inspire me the most because I want to make them proud of me. They inspire me to be hard working, honest and loyal.  I just need to work on the patience part. :)
I like this photo! I cropped out my dad's infamous black socks. LOL! It was his last vacation. 
This is taken in Kennebunkport, Maine - August 2006.

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