Day 27 - A picture of yourself and a family member

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I dedicated a day to Danielle so this day is for you Dylan! You were my first nephew/niece of the 37 or 38 that I have now (thanks to Eric’s family). I remember when you were born. I was dreaming about John Elway (it was Monday Night Football, but it was Houston/Cincinnati) and Mom woke me up and said you were born…my first thought of the name was “dill pickle” sorry I was groggy.  I remember the way you carried the cats in the barn by their hind legs. The YouTube video is still one of my favorites. And every time I drive past County Rd. OT. I think of the time you and Danielle convinced me you had to use the bathroom so bad that we had to stop at Mc Donald’s.  After an order of fries and an hour in the Play Place, I don’t think you ever did use the bathroom.  And hey in 3 months you will be a college graduate.  Hum…how the time flies.

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