Day 25 - A picture of your day

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My day:
5:59 am - The Dalek Alarm clock screams “Exterminate…You are an enemy of the Daleks…You must be destroyed" (it’s from Dr. Who for those of you who don’t know)
5:59 am – (and 15 second) Swirl jumps on me and purrs in my ear to make sure I’m up.
6:10 am – Annoyed with Swirl’s constant kneading and purring, I sadly roll out of my warm bed and shower
6:30 am – feed Swirl on a silver platter
6:35 am – Grab my toast and Nutella and head out the door.  Today is an unusual day as we have to drop my car off at the park & ride since I have to ride the bus home (boo!) because Eric has to leave work early. 
6:45 am – car is parked, we start our commute into downtown Minneapolis.  We got a late start and having to drop my car off at the park & ride made us even later…traffic is actually kind of heavy today.  Thankfully we get to use the car pool lane. Oh and the sunrise was amazing.
7:15 am – arrive at work.  It’s going to be a busy day as it is getting near “crunch time” for year end filings.
7:20 am – the EVP swings by; I’m listening to his very caddy commentary with the people around me.
8:10 am – Finally got around to eating my cereal but my bag is nearly empty so only about ½ cup of Cinnamon Toast Crunch today :(
8:16 am – Take a picture of my new hand bag and post to Facebook so my friend, Becky, can see it.
9:08 am – Walk to Caribou with coworkers.  Small Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate, Extra Half Shot of Milk Chocolate, 2%, NO WHIP!
10:31 am – Nebraska why do you have to be such a pain?  Working on state forms for year-end filings.
11:16 am – Eric phones, he is excited about his raise and has to tell me about it.  Way to go Eric!
11:48 am – “They changed those numbers again!” Ugh!
11:59 am – Forgot that I brought in a lunch (*wink*) and went to the cafeteria with a coworker for the $2.99 Chicken Tender Basket special
12:06 pm – Daily Twitter feed check, best tweet was a retweet from Dylan of some dude named “TheCousinSal” It said, “The difference between Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin is only one of them throws bounce passes intentionally. “ LOL! That is a good one
12:07 pm – Daily check-in on Callista Gingrich news. Just keeping tabs on my cousin…Google alerts are great.
12:26 pm – Eric phones for his daily check in on me.  Isn’t he sweet?
1:17 pm – Nancy calls me to discuss, among other things, what color nail polish she should get for her mani/pedi today.  I want a pedi!
1:42 pm – why is my phone almost dead already?
2:00 pm – another meeting in the Board Room (every time I say that I think of Mr. Rumbold on the TV show Are You Being Served?...if you have ever watched it you know what I mean) But  I love the board room.  It is near the top floor of our building and the view is amazing and since it is the board room it has got all that fancy stuff. 
2:21 pm – Yum! Ate a yellow cupcake that our VP brought in, her daughter scored her 1,000th High School career point (!!!) and they had a party; we got the left over cupcakes (yum!) and they have cool a basketball ring on top. (note to self, ate too much already today, need to work out)
2:39 pm – More changes…
4:18 pm – EVP swings past to ask a question.  I surprisingly knew the answer (which is really amazing) and now I feel cool!
4:38 pm run to the bus, damn I missed it. 
4:57 pm still waiting for the next bus. Ugh! I'm so spoiled now that I car pool with Eric.
5:58 pm – Finally got home and making dinner.
6:02 pm – Eric is home :-)
6:35 pm – Need to leave for band rehearsal but still trying to finish the timeline and photo for 60 day photo

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