August 2015 Recap

Monday, August 31, 2015

Runs: 16
Walks: 10
Miles: 60.62
Races: 6 (Minnesota Half Marathon 5K – 35:34, Chili 5K – 39:38, Gopher to Badger 5K – 36:57,
                Women Rock 2.5K – 16:05, Women Rock 10K – 1:22:19, & Women Rock 5K – 42:44)
Outdoors: 26
Indoors: 0
Longest: 9.34 miles (2 races on same day back-to-back)
Average Running Pace: 12:47

August saw improvement in pacing which makes me happy but it was slower than last year though. :( It wasn’t as hot and humid as July but we still had some toasty days. Since I stopped the streaking goal, I was able to go on longer runs and threw in some faster shorter runs as I had a day to recover. My body thanks me! I brought back speed workouts. I actually like doing them. Well I like doing the half marathon speed workouts because realistically my pace for those is slower than the 5K speed workout. The 5K speed workouts make me want to puke.

I had 6 races this month. But only had 4 race “days.”  I started out the month with the Minnesota Half Marathon 5K in St. Paul. The course was a bit short but nonetheless, I was happy to see a 35 again!  Later in the day I did the Chili 5K. My pace was slow for that. I was tired from the earlier race but more importantly, I was running with a girl who was doing her first 5K and she had a goal of beating 40 minutes and we did that! I was glad to keep her motivated for the entire lonely race. The next Saturday was Gopher to Badger 5K. My time may look slower but it was a bit long and my overall pace was actually faster than the week before. Yay! The Women Rock 2.5K made me very happy. For the first time since April, I had an almost 11:00 mile! And I maintained that pace for the additionally half mile we had to run! The 10K the following day wasn’t my best but I was running with DJ and I think we walked more than I probably would have otherwise. My goal for that day wasn’t to PR but to finish it well and have enough in the tank to get through the 5K which was basically right after the 10K. The break in between the two races must have messed with me because I didn’t feel like running any of the 5K. But we did run quite a bit of it so it wasn’t horrible. My worst 5K ever but I ran a 10K before so I’m not upset.

September should be a good month. The weather should be cooler. I have a 5K in a couple weeks and a 10K in Detroit near the end of the month. My goal is 60 miles again. If I stick to my half marathon training plan that should be attainable. I have a goal of 600 miles for 2015. I have 209 miles left to go in 121 days. I need to get at least 52.25 miles each of the last 4 months to reach my goal. Since I’m running the half marathon in December, I’m pretty sure I’ll reach my goal…fingers crossed!


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