July 2015 Recap

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Runs: 31
Walks: 13
Miles: 65
Races: 1 (Torchlight 5K - 37:13)
Outdoors: 44
Indoors: 0
Longest: 4.4 miles
Average Pace: 13:02

July, oh July. It was hot and humid (no surprise) and I challenged myself to a streaking goal. As a result I went for a lot of runs but they were slow and short. I set a goal to run at least a mile every day in July. Some people have been this for 40+ years. I did it a month and decided it wasn’t good for me. My legs were always tired and my times were terrible. Towards the end of the month, after the Torchlight 5K, I started having calf pain in my left leg. So after my 2 races tomorrow (Aug. 1st), I’m taking some time off. But not too much as I have a race on Saturday, August 8th.

When I look at the overall pace for the month, I get a little upset that I have slowed down so much. But looking back at July 2014, I’m only 7 seconds slower and I ran almost twice as many miles! So I guess I shouldn’t be too upset. July is also my highest total miles for a month but last year I didn’t track walking so it is really an unfair comparison.

Only one race this month, well two if you count Insane Inflatables but I don’t count that.  Torchlight was a disappointment. I ran it a 59 seconds slower than last year. It was over 10 degrees warmer though so that counts for something right?  I’m just really slowing down and it is making me mad. I’m not sure if is the weather or the weight gain. Either way, I’m pissed off.

I’m not going to streak again in the near future; maybe in December and January when I’m less likely to get out for runs. I will probably go for at least a mile walk every day I’m not running so I get the miles in.  I have a goal of 600 miles for 2015. I have 257 miles left to go in 153 days. I need to get my butt moving!


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