Ashley for the Arts

Sunday, August 9, 2015

After the Gopher to Badger 5K, Eric and I slowly made our way to Arcadia. We took a lot of different roads and many backroads that Eric had never been on Irving Coulee, Square Bluff and North Creek. We stoped at the Root Beer Stand in Whitehall for some ice cream. It was terrible. My twist cone didn't have any taste. It looked like chocolate and vanilla but had no flavor...really strange. Eric got a Flurry and it was full of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. That was pretty good. Once we got to Mike's house we took showers and got ready for the day. Mike got home from work and grilled hamburgers. My cousin Paula and her family came down. We had a nice dinner and eventually made our way to the park for some of the outdoor concerts.

Ashley for the Arts
Earlier in the day we set up our chairs by the main stage so we met there and then we all did our own thing. The sun was hot and bright so Mom, Bev, Eric and I went into the Pavilion to escape the heat and sun. There was a Mexican band playing in there. They were pretty good. We had no idea what they were saying but it was fun. Mom and Bev had had enough so Eric and I took them home and came back for The Fray.

The Fray
I knew one of their songs from a show I watched, Brothers and Sisters. But I actually recognized some of their other songs too. It was a good concert. We missed the first 20 minutes because we standing in line for mini donuts...42 minutes we stood in line for mini donuts. It was a bit ridiculous. While The Fray were playing their encore we sprinted to the car to throw the chairs in and got to Mike’s house before the fireworks display.

All seven of us piled into my mom’s Equinox (which is only supposed to seat 5). The short cut path to Mike’s house was closed because that is where the fireworks were being shot off from. So we all climbed into the car for the short ride to Mike’s. We set up the chairs for the amazing fireworks display. One of the last ones was right over his house! It was cool.

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