Valleyfair with the Patzlaffs

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Eric’s got 4 Valleyfair tickets for placing 2nd in his age group in the 10K race back in May. We finally used them on today. We went to Valleyfair with the Patzlaffs. Jenny plays on my volleyball team and we are both in the EP Community Band. Eric has watched her kids numerous times and they love him. We got there a little before noon. Hailey is tall enough to do most rides but short enough to do the kids rides too. Nick was pretty much stuck with the kids rides. We took Hailey on the Corkscrew while Nathan took Nick on the Ferris Wheel. She loved it! I took the two kids on the Monster. Nick was a little freaked out but at the end he loved it. We took Hailey on most of the rollercoasters, even Wild Thing…she loved it! We spend most of the day there but we could see the storm coming in. We decided one more time on the Corkscrew but just as we were about to get on the ride they closed it down. We ended up getting a little wet walking to the car in the rain.  We had dinner at El Toro in Shakopee and called it a night. It was a great day!

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