Half Marathon Training

Monday, August 24, 2015

I still can’t believe I’m running a half marathon. I have been dragging my feet on this for a long time and I finally committed. I’m very nervous and scared to death. I saw a Facebook post recently that said 
If Your Goals Don't Scare You, 
              They Aren't BIG Enough 

...or something along those lines. I guess I picked a good goal then. :)

Week 2 - Complete Success!
I would say week 2 of training was very successful. I didn’t skip a run and covered 15.25 miles. I call that a good week. My pace for Monday’s run was slower than I would like but I got out there and ran the miles so that is progress. I had a nice speed workout where I ran 7 x 800 meters at my desired race pace (under 12:00 minute miles) and walked a 1:00 in between. All 7 sprints were under 12:00 but not by much. Thursday’s moderate run was also slower than I’d like but it was faster than Monday. The long run on Saturday was great. I did 5 miles and it took just over an hour.  My first mile was fastest and I lost about 10 second on each mile after that…except the last mile which was my fastest. The first 4 miles I ran straight with very little walking. The last mile I did intervals or the Galloway method. I ran 1:30 and walked for 30 seconds. I felt good after that. I know I keep saying this but I really think this Galloway method is legit, especially for long runs.

18 Weeks to go...
Today I start Week 3. I’m planning on doing 4 miles tonight and a 3 mile speed workout on Wednesday. This week will be a lighter week as I’m doing the Women Rock Starlet Challenge. The Challenge consists of a 2.5 K on Friday and a 10K and 5K on Saturday (almost 11 miles total). I don’t want to be totally spent for the race. I don’t have any goals for the race this weekend. I’m doing it with my sister-in-law. I’m hoping I have a good 2.5 K race on Friday and Saturday I just want to finish!

Here are the splits from my 5 mile run on Saturday. I would like to get my pace back down to the high 11:00s again. Maybe when the weather turns cooler I can run faster again. 

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