Biking, Why Have You Forsaken Me? (Twins too!)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Well first things first, the Twins season is over.  Another 96 loss season.  I can’t believe I’m still a season ticket holder…but maybe they will be better next year!  And we have the All Star game next year…the only reason I’m holding on to my season tickets.  I want in!

We went to Saturday’s Twins game which was the second to last game.  We got a lousy calendar with some players I don’t even know. :( They lost of course and I don’t even remember the score.  It really doesn’t matter anyways. I got my last tastes of Twins (Hot) Dog and the mini donuts.  The mini donuts made me sick…I suppose I’ve been eating healthier and my body was going what the heck are you doing to me?  I felt the same way when I ate McDonald’s this week.  Ugh.

Sunday we lounged around at home and did some shopping.  Every time we crossed Hwy. 169 there was a backup. I hate the Renaissance Festival! Thankfully it was the last day so my trips to the Apple Orchard/Mankato will be less cumbersome and I don’t have to deal with the traffic.  Speaking of Rein. Fest, while I was run-walk-shuffling Sunday morning by the river, I ran into some people decked out in Rein. Fest gear including swords on their bikes. Quite impressive since it was about 10 miles from where I saw them. I wish more people would bike there! 

Monday was the start of the 2013 Giving Campaign at work.  It is a two week event.  There are games (i.e. putting contest), bake sales, fundraiser drives, jeans days, etc.  It is a fun time at work.  I’m one of the Care Captains for my department…so I’m in charge.  Last week we had a meeting with Big VP and the VPs who report to him to solicit donations to fund our prizes.  It was a Wednesday and the Big VP kept on asking me Kim, What day is it?  “Hump Day.”  I’m not sure how the conversation went. I guess I told him he could dress up as a camel and walk around selling snacks.  Well I didn’t think anything of it...until he sent me an email on Friday and asked for an update on the Camel costume.  Well Monday morning I went into his office and told him I could get a camel costume by Wednesday if he was seriously going to wear it. So I got on phone with DJ, who works part time at a costume company, and asked her to order the camel costume. I meet her half way on Monday night to pick it up.  Well he put it on today and we walked around with a cart and sold snacks to people. We made a really good profit. It was awesome. Here he is, my Big VP as a Camel! 

In case you think it is a Lion (as some have said) is his back side (putting during out Putting Contest)

He thought he had rented it but when he found out he actually bought he was really happy because he has a Halloween party later this month and now he has a costume.  Thanks DJ for your help!! :)

Triathlon Training Update:
Ok now the update on my triathlon training.  Yep I’m still calling it that.

Since my last update I’ve done more swimming and some running-shuffle-walk.  Not sure what to call it…my pace is faster than my normal walk but slower than some people walk.  Not really running even though I’m going through the motions of running.  I’ll stick with a shuffle. 

Biking is really my challenge.  So I was going to go biking this week but I just haven’t...what can I say, I’m bad.  Maybe when I get my road bike back I’ll be better.  But soon the nights will be getting darker and snow will be flying which means I pretty much have to do a stationary bike and I HATE stationary bikes.

Ok this Wednesday reporting is too hard. I’m switching to Sunday-Saturday.  So I’m going to change my stats a bit. So Week 1 was Sept. 15 – Sept. 21 and Week 2 was Sept. 22 – Sept. 28. I also added a Total line…not sure if I should keep it. Does it really add value?  Probably not.

Week 1:  Swim = 1600 yards; Bike = 22.3 miles; Run/Walk/Shuffle = 1 mile
Week 2:  Swim = 2400 yards; Bike = 7.5 miles; Run/Walk/Shuffle = 6.85 miles
Total:      Swim = 4000 yards; Bike = 29.8 miles; Run/Walk/Shuffle = 7.85 miles

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