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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Well this weekend was the annual Corn Maze weekend.  Every year for as far as I can remember my family has come up for the Sever’s Corn Maze.  It is tradition.  So this year Mom, Mike, Nancy, Danielle, Brady, Eric and I went through the maze (well not mom), we saw a skunk, a possum, a woodchuck, a fox and Jared Allen in the animal show.  Seriously…we saw Jared Allen!  We fed goats in the petting zoo area and jumped around in shelled corn. Again I have corn all over the house.

Jared Allen!

 After the corn maze Mike, Mom, Nancy, Eric and I went to Eden Prairie for lunch and Costco. Bradley went to Maplewood to buy a car and Danielle stayed home to study. Long story but the car doesn’t run but Bradley will fix it. After Costco, we picked up Danielle and went down to Jim’s Apple Orchard for candy, fudge, and apples.  Eric bought me this:

It is cool. 

Last night for dinner, we meet Greg, Celeste, and Evelyn at RubyTuesdays.  The meal was delicious.  I ate so much crap last night I gained a pound…and that was even with a 5 mile run/walk/shuffle yesterday morning.  Yep…I did over 5 miles…5.2 miles to be exact. It felt great but that didn’t help me keep the pounds off.  Darn.

Today Mike and Bradley went to Maplewood with a trailer to pick up the car Bradley bought and drove it down to Mankato.  The rest of us went shopping/hair cut in Eden Prairie.  Of course we played plenty of cards!

Now they have all left.

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