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Monday, October 7, 2013

Triathlon Training Update:
Week 3 is done and I'm still going strong…but not biking. It is kind of unbelievable! But the weather has been nice so that has helped. We will see how I do when it turns cold and snowy and all my activities have to pretty much be indoors. Argh!  I have done quite a bit of running/walking.  I really need to build that up. It is the one area I will struggle with so I’m paying close attention to that.  With biking I’m not so concerned, give me a couple weeks and I’ll be fine.  Look, I did the biking at the last tri and I hadn’t been on my bike in over 6 weeks and I did fine. So I’m not worried about biking. I’m not really sure how much biking I do the rest of this year.  I hate stationery bikes so I highly doubt I’ll be using one this winter.  I’ll probably do the Elliptical on those days. It is a similar motion…right?  I sure hope my cocky attitude towards the bike won’t get the better of me next year.  I really hope not.

This past week was a bit spotty.  Last Sunday morning I did 4.3 miles of Run/Walk/Shuffle and it felt great! I actually enjoyed it! I saw the Renaissance Festival guys on bikes so it was entertaining too. I ran Monday too, but only a short 2.25 miles. My legs were tired but I did it.

I was planning on riding bike on Tuesday but my volleyball friends wanted to meet for dinner.  By the time I got home, it was too dark and I don’t like biking in the dark, especially on my Townie which doesn’t have lights.  So I went to the Community Center and did the Elliptical machine for about 2.5 miles. The Elliptical is strange because I always go way further and faster than I think I’m going.  I don’t think it really matches up to a real run at all.  The one nice thing about the Community Center is TVs. I got to watch the Pirates game.  I’m routing for them in the playoffs. They are like the Twins, small market team with no love.

Wednesday was another swim night.  I went 1400 yards…not bad.  I felt great.  I’m so ready for the swim portion. I’m not sure how I’d do in an open water swim…that will have to wait until next summer. I’m looking at doing the Spamtown Triathlon in Austin, MN next July. The swim portion is in the YMCA pool…which is great!  But eventually I need to hit the open water.

I took Thursday off like normal. I don’t have time to do work out with Band rehearsal. I also took of Friday. I had some last minute shopping to do before my family came up Saturday.  So I missed a lap swim. Shame on me!

Saturday morning I went for the longest run/walk/shuffle of my life 5.2 miles. I felt great. The temperature was cool but the humidity was high as it rained all night and rain even sprinkled on me during the beginning of the run…but I stuck it out and kept going.  By the time I came out of the woods, the sun was shining and it turned into a very nice day for the most part.  It was prefect weather for the corn maze. 

So that is my weekly report. Bored yet?  I think I am. By the way, I did almost 12 miles of running this week.  Crazy for me!

Week 1  Swim = 1600 yards  Bike = 22.3 miles  Run/Walk/Shuffle = 1 miles       Elliptical = 0 miles
Week 2  Swim = 2400 yards  Bike = 7.5 miles    Run/Walk/Shuffle = 6.9 miles    Elliptical = 0 miles
Week 3  Swim = 1400 yards  Bike = 0 miles       Run/Walk/Shuffle = 11.8 miles  Elliptical = 2.5 miles
Total      Swim = 5400 yards  Bike = 29.8 miles   Run/Walk/Shuffle = 19.7 miles Elliptical = 2.5 miles

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