I Did a 10K!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sunday I went for a run in the rain.  It was cold rain.  But I did it. I didn’t quit which is the most amazing thing.

I finally jumped on my bike again this week. I did almost 7.5 miles on Monday.  It really isn’t that far but I was on my Townie and as I’ve mentioned many times before it is a major workout.

Tuesday was the first day of volleyball.  YAY! We had a doubleheader and only had 4 players.  Major Workout!!! Our season has started off on the wrong foot.  Angie is out for a while because of medical reasons and Jules started Grad school…in Arizona!  Fortunately, Jules played so we had 4. We have to have at least 4 players to not forfeit.  I’m trying to recruit more players…it is not going well. :(

Wednesday was another camel day at work. It was great. We sold almost $300 worth of snacks in an hour.  I guess when the VP is dressed as a camel and is selling snacks you pretty much have to buy from him.  High pressure sales!  I’m relieved that the Giving Campaign is now over.  Work is getting busy and I can’t be distracted the rest of the month.  I’m getting so old…I was so sore after volleyball on Tuesday. My arms, shoulders, back, chest and neck were all sore.  After work I went for a 1600 yard swim which isn’t quite a mile.  Eric lubed me up with Icy Hot after my swim.  It was awful but I think it helped.

Thursday after work we had dinner at my friend Jenny’s house.  Eric was watching her kids while we were at band practice.  I’ve mention the kids before.  They love Eric.  He only had to watch them for like 30 minutes but the kids wouldn’t let me leave so he stayed until we were done with band. 

Friday was pretty boring. I went swimming again. This time I went 3/4 mile and was way faster than normal so I was happy. I even did some flips at the wall.  Eric doesn’t even do those and he was on the swim team. I need to practice those (i.e. blow out the nose during the flip is a key thing to remember). LOL!

Today I did something I’ve never done before in my life…and something I never thought I would EVER do.  I ran a 10K…6.25 miles!  The longest I had run/walk/shuffled before was 5.2 and that was last weekend.  And not only did I go a mile further, my average pace per mile was a minute faster.  WOW!  I ran a lot of it.  It started off cold and I was freezing.  But I’m so glad I didn’t dress warm as I was burning up by the end.  I spent a lot of the 6 miles in the woods so I was shocked when I came out and it was so windy.  When I started the wind was calm.  I’m still very slow. My 5K pace was 45 minutes. The last 5K I ran in 38 minutes so I really need to get faster but I ran a 10K!!!  I’m still in shocked. And I’m still able to walk 12 hours later so my body hasn’t complete shutdown. I’m so happy with my run. 

After the run we went out for lunch and did a little shopping for flannel sheets. It is that time of year. I had an eye exam this afternoon (my eyes are still dilated) and bought some new glasses. I can’t wait to get them! After that we went grocery shopping…I’m sure I freaked everybody out who saw my eyes. I tried to avoid eye contact as much as possible. And of course my eye sight was blurry which made looking at the fine print on coupons almost impossible.  Quite the comedy.

Good news!  I’ve lost almost 10 pounds since I started triathlon training about 4 weeks ago.  So that is awesome!  I still have a long way to go.

Week 1  Swim = .9 mile      Bike = 22.3 miles   Run/Elliptical = 1 miles        Total= 24.2 miles
Week 2  Swim =  1.5 miles  Bike = 7.5 miles     Run/Elliptical = 6.9 miles     Total = 15.9 miles
Week 3  Swim = .8 miles     Bike = 0 miles        Run/Elliptical = 14.3 miles   Total = 15.1 miles
Week 4  Swim = 1.7 miles   Bike = 7.5 miles     Run/Elliptical = 8.8 miles     Total =  18 miles

I’ve made it 4 weeks!  Maybe blogging about the training is making me more accountable?  I was worried about Thanksgiving vacation because I tend to stop working out after vacations but Juliette, Eric and I are signing up for the Feast and Feathers 5K Trail Run on Thanksgiving morning in Omaha.  Yes!  I’m really doing it for the long-sleeved t-shirt. 

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