5 weeks and 12 pounds

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What can I say, letting out frustration on Monday helped me I think.  I also got scolded by my friends.  So lesson of the week, even though I ran over 11 miles last weekend…I may not necessary see the results for a few days.  It is true. I just have to remember that.

So what did we do this week?  Well on Sunday morning I ran 3 miles (after doing the 10K on Saturday). Sunday afternoon we babysat Evelyn for a few hours while Greg and Celeste went to the play Wicked.  We took Evelyn to Edinbourgh Park, an indoor playground. It was cool. Afterwards when they came home we went out for dinner.  I was so stuffed I dragged Eric out on a 2 mile walk. 

The rest of the week was pretty boring. Monday I biked 4 miles on a stationary bike…I know shocking! I got sick of riding it after 10 minutes and moved to the elliptical.  I’m a little annoyed…there are 5 TVs in the workout room and to hear the sound you have to tune your radio to a certain frequency.  Well my radio player only works for one TV and it is set to Spanish!  You know how hard it is to listen to Two and a Half Men in Spanish.  ARGH! 

Tuesday was a volleyball doubleheader again. This time we had 5 players!  Woo Hoo! We won some games too. We have a new player that joined us this week.  It worked out great and she is planning on joining team.  Yippy!

Wednesday morning is my “official” weigh in day and I was down 11.8 pounds…I’m rounding that up to 12 pounds. YAY ME!  One problem with being so big is that 12 pounds doesn’t really feel any different.  Think about this. I lost 80 pounds in 2008.  The smallest size I wore was 18.  Well I was bad and went off the no fat diet (that I was only on because of gallbladder problems) and gained 40 pounds back after surgery.  I know, shame on me.  Anyways…40 pounds later and I’m only one size larger…20.  So for me, I had to lose 40 pounds to get down one size…it sucks.  After work I dragged Eric to swimming. I did 3/4 mile again.  I had to make it worthwhile since the pool was closed Friday.

Thursday is my off day…but I still have band practice so it really isn’t an off night.  We had elections for officers and section leaders and I am Low Brass section leader again.  Don’t get too excited… low brass people don’t want the extra responsibility so I basically have to do it.

Like I said early, the pool was closed Friday. :(  I had planned a bike ride to DQ for dinner and then biking home but it was too cold and rainy.  I didn’t make Eric suffer too much for his dinner…I just made him go workout at the community center. I biked on the stationary bike…AGAIN!  I did about 7.75 miles in 35 minutes. After we went up to Eden Prairie to some shopping and dinner.

Saturday has turned into my long run day. Swirl woke me up a little before 8 and pulled my butt out of bed and went for a run. It was 36 degrees and sprinkling.  The old me would have been forget this, I’m going to get donuts.  But nope, I went out in the cold and wet morning and ran 5.5 miles.  My time was 30 seconds faster than last week’s pace. Also, I ran the entire mile 3.  Mile 1 and 2 I did the run/walk shuffle but mile 3 was all running.  For mile 4 and 5, I went back to the run/walk shuffle. But I did mostly running so that is progress. 

After the run, Eric and I went to Wisconsin for the weekend. We meet Mike and mom at the bar for some pizza.  I did some things around the house for mom and we went to LaCrosse to do some shopping.  We finally got to Ed Sullivan’s for dinner.  It has been years since I last ate there. It was delicious. 

Today I went for another 3 mile run…man there are hills in Arcadia…I’m not used to hills.  It was a tough run and it was colder than yesterday’s run…it was so cold our car had frost on it and I could see my breath…but I did it. On the way home we went through Owatonna (because it is so on our way?!) to be with Abbie for the closing ceremony of her TEC Retreat…we were her pseudo parents as DJ had to work.  It was…interesting…Hugging and swaying…I’m not much of a hugger or swayer…or singing those Pop Christian songs…give me Amazing Grace or How Great Thou Art PLEASE!

Here is training update:
Something really shocking is going on here. So far in the month of October I have run/walk shuffled almost 28 miles and it is only the 20th.  I have a chance to make this month the most miles run. I’m only 7 miles away.  August 2012 I did 35.66.  But that was a lot of short 2 mile runs/walks for the “Get Fit Challenge” at work. (But in September 2012 I only did 6 miles)

Week 5  Swim = .75 miles   Bike = 11.75 miles  Run/Elliptical = 12.5 miles   Total =  25 miles

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