I’ve Made it a Week!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Well I’ve just completed a week worth of training for my “may never happen triathlon” and I have come to a couple conclusions:

1)   All of my bikes are trying to kill me.  The road bike just doesn’t seem like it should hold my “beautimous” body.  But it does!  I still feel like I’m going to topple over and crash into a car resulting in my painful death.  My cruiser bike, on the other hand, is going to kill me via heart attack. Seriously, after riding the road bike for a year, the cruiser takes so much more effort. It only has 7 gears and I am constantly struggling to make it go.  How in the world did I go 15+ miles on this thing before the road bike? I must have been in better shape. The route I biked last night is one of my favorites (7.5 miles through town) and I can normally do it in 35 minutes. I took me 50 minutes last night…and I had to pedal…the…whole…time. I seriously want my road bike back from DJ.  (She is borrowing it for a road race she is doing in a couple weeks…she called me Monday to ask how to shift…LOL I guess I forgot to tell her. Oops!).  And my mountain bike is in desperate need of a tune up…the brakes still don’t work well. I wouldn’t even consider taking it out.  I can see it now…going doing the hill by Lion’s Park and my brakes fail and I run into a car…died.

2)   Running is really overrated. I don’t understand why some people are so happy when they run. They are strange or mental, or both.  How could you like it?  I dread it every time I go out and I’m still stuck on walk 5 minutes, run 1 minute.  It is more like a shuffle than a run but I’m moving faster than walking and according to Eric that is running. I feel good afterwards but getting there isn’t fun.  I managed to walk/run for 3.25 miles.  That is 3.25 miles further than I did last week so yay for me.  But last night I started to get pains in my shins again…ARGH my stupid shins.

3)   Why isn’t the swimming longer. I love swimming. I could swimming for an hour and still get out of the pool and go for a bike ride.  It is by far my favorite sport.  I’m not fast but I could hold my own in a race. It is probably my fastest event out of the three sports.   

So if I were to plan my own triathlon it would be ½ mile swim, 10 mile ride and 2 mile run.  I would walk of course with a little jog…or shuffle thrown in there.

Last night I did my first, what we in the triathlon racing world (LOL!), call a “Brick” work out.  I biked for 7.5 miles and immediately ran (walked and shuffled) 2 miles. My “transition time” was 2 minutes.  I basically dumped my bike in the garage, grabbed the iPod, slapped on my GPS running watch and out the door I went.  There are two transitions in triathlons.  Swim to Bike and Bike to Run.  The bike to run, I have been told, is the most difficult.  I believe it. After dismounting my bike my legs are like Jell-O and to immediately start running is hard.  But I did it.

I wonder if I keep blogging about this training if I would be more inclined to keep it up…probably not.  You have been warned you 4-5 loyal readers…whoever you are (and thank you for reading) that I’ll probably be yammering on about my training.

Training Update:
Week 1: Swim = 1600 yards; Bike = 16.8 miles; Run/Walk/Shuffle = 6 miles

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