The Juice Box and the Swamp

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Yesterday was a great day.  We took Mary Linda to a Twins/Houston Game at Minute Maid Park (aka Juice Box).  One of the nicest features of the Juice Box is AC.  Yes!  It was almost 100 degrees outside but it was really cool inside.  And it didn’t really feel like you were inside because the left/center field wall is all glass.  So cool!  I actually was freezing! Crazy!  The place was dead. There wasn’t anybody really around us and we were sitting in sweet seats!  And it seems like more Twins fans were there than Astros fans.  The Twins played terrible and somehow managed to tie the game at 6.  ON the top of the 9th we hit a home run and that was all she wrote…10-6 final, Twins win!  Mary Linda wasn’t so happy but that’s ok…she was happy for us.  It was a really long game, almost 4 hours! 


After the game, in the parking lot we ran into our South Dakota couple again.  We are both planning a west coast swing next year, hopefully it works out!

For dinner we went to a local Mexican restaurant Chuly’s.  It was delicious. We came home and relaxed the rest of the evening. 

This morning we bid adieu to Mary Linda, Sky and Houston.  It was a great couple of days and it was so nice to see Mary Linda and Sky again.  We headed east on I-10 for Louisiana…my goodness Texas is really a wide state. The last exit was like 880 or something like that.  880 miles across!!!   We entered Louisiana and saw miles of swamp land.  We stopped in Baton Rouge to see the state capitol and LSU campus.  Not impressed with either.  We made our further across the state to Mandeville.  There is a state park here with an awesome board walk with alligators…well Hurricane Isaac took the boardwalk with it so there was no boardwalk…no alligators. :(   We saw a few deer and fawns with spots…aw!!! There is another park close by with a boardwalk. We didn’t see any alligators but we saw plenty of turtles. :)

That is about it from here.  Tomorrow we head to the beach…yay!!!


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