Yes Eric, you did have a paper due last night

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On Sunday we went to the Twins/Cubs game with Byron and Paula.  The Twins lost of course. Byron is seriously cursed.  He has never seen the team he was rooting for win.  Very sad.

Sunday night we had massive thunderstorm.  The rain was just pouring, the lightening was flashing and the tornado sirens were a blarin'.  Of course our satellite went out, then our internet and than the lights.  Really?

Yesterday was a rough day at work.  After work 4 hours two weeks ago, then 2 days last week, the thought of working a full week seems I'm taking a half day on Friday. :-)

All weekend I kept asking Eric, "Are you sure you don't have anything due?" (I'm starting to sound like my grandma.) He assured me that he didn't not.  Well, I accidentally went into his school's email account (it is through gmail and I was trying to get to my gmail account).  I was surprised to see that his teacher sent him an email asking where his paper was.  When I saw this email I was angry.  How could he miss a paper???  So when he came home from his soccer game at 9:15 pm, I had to be the bearer of bad news.  He flipped out and I saw a look I've never seen in Eric's eyes before...FEAR!  I calmed him down and after 2 hours of writing and typing, we finished his 4 pages paper and submitted it to his teacher.  Pretty impressive if you ask me...I'm taking some of the credit.  If I wouldn't have accidentally went into his email account, he would never know that there was a paper due because he never checks his school email.  I have fixed that too.  I now get a forwarded copy of all his school emails.  I'm starting to be like a mother but he needs to stay on top of his work!

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