View from the top (of Wild Thing)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Well today was a very busy day.  It started early this morning when Byron and Paula arrived...ok so it was 12:10 am but it was still this morning!

We headed to Valleyfair around 10am and after a little snafu with our season passes, we finally got into the park.  We hit most of the rollercoasters like Wild Thing, Mad Mouse, Renegade and Excalibur (just like my hotel last week. Paula and I went on the Looping Starship...the boys were wimps. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the waterpark.  We did the huge 4-person slide twice, the small tube ride, a slide and the wave pool.  Lazy river was closed for some reason. :(

We meet Greg, Celeste and Evelyn for dinner at Applebees.  I had the most nutritious Triple Chocolate Meltdown.  Let's be realistic, it was really hot all day and I wasn't hungry so I had what I really wanted. Yum!

After dinner they all hung around our house until 7:30 when we went back to Valleyfair to ride the rest of the rides we missed.  We started with Enterprise, Steel Venom, Corkscrew, High Roller and Power Tower.  We finished the night with Wild Thing.  As we went up to the 206 feet summit, we got the best view of the fireworks.  It was awesome; the view from the top was the best.

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