T-minus 10 hours and counting

Saturday, June 16, 2012

In less then 10 hours we should be on our way for the 2012 Baseball Road Trip.  So excited!  Hopefully all goes well.

Let see, work was rough this week...4 and half days was a struggle.  Thankfully some of the days were crappy so it was ok that I was working.

Last night Danielle and I went to the Brewers//Twins game....Twins lost of course. Danielle was happy.  We got home pretty late and her boyfriend Bradley came up and got to my house at like 3am.  What a dedicated boyfriend!

We didn't really do much today.  I made them pancakes for breakfast and then we went to Costco.  You know college students...they need food.   We had some pizza for lunch and Bradley had to leave for work.  
When Eric got home I mentioned that after June 28th we will lose our unlimited data for our phones so he insisted I get a new phone so that we can keep our unlimited data.  So I got a new smartphone. So far I love it.  I also figured how to tether it to my laptop so I can have Internet anywhere my phone has reception.  Yes!  I'm so excited that I figured this out.   So tomorrow on the road, I can publish a blog from the car and Eric can do his Cafe World on FaceBook.  It is all good.

Well I need my sleep for the long drive tomorrow. Stay tuned for blogs about our trip.

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