Evil Tolls

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Well our first day of the road trip is in the books.  We drove 743 miles and it took us 12 boring hours.  Wisconsin was boring...we got to see a motorcycle cop. Next was Illinois. I don't really want to drive through Illinois but the fact I have to pay for the privilege makes me unhappy...tolls really suck and so does Illinois. I-90 was a parking lot through Chicago.  We paid the great (snicker) State of Illinois $9.90 to use 117 miles of their roads (8 cents a mile).  Next was Indiana.  We had to pay $1.50 to get into the state and $7.50 to get out.  So another $9 for 155 miles (6 cents a mile). I wanted to stop at the RV/Motor Home Hall of Fame near Elkhart, IN but Eric said no...he is no fun...LOL!  Who goes to the RV Hall of Fame and what exactly are they inducting?  How silly. Finally we finished the day in Ohio. We drove 174 miles and paid $10 (6 cents a mile).  So far we have paid almost $29 in tolls.  What  a rip off.  Why are toll roads in states you have to drive through but  aren't very scenic?  Anyways, we got to Elyria, OH which is just outside of Cleveland.  

Twins won today in 15 innings.  Hopefully that will will carry over to Pittsburgh and I can see another win.  Ok time for bed...hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting.

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