Lake Minnetonka Scurry Flurry 5K

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Not really much to say about this race. It was an flat out and back course (yuck!), on a snow and ice pack trail (yuck!), and my time sucked (yuck!). But I got out there and did it.

The Time
My time was slower than Vegas (how is that possible) but my pace was faster. This race was a lot longer than Vegas…and I when I say a lot I mean almost a quarter of a mile. LOL! So I guess a lot longer is a matter of perception. I just wasn’t feeling it. The first mile was the fastest…you know I was having a bad day if mile 1 was the fastest. Mile 2 was the slowest and mile three was only 1 second faster than mile 2. Not a good run at all.

The Course
The course was on the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail, which in the summer I bet is really nice. We got to run next Lake Minnetonka for part of it. But during the winter, the trail is snow packed which usually doesn’t bother me but there were some icy patches and those do bother me.

The Cold
It was really cold at the start, granted it was 21 positive degrees but the wind was making it feel like 11. This was our coldest run since last winter and the wind. Yuck! I dressed to stay warm while standing around and paid for it later when I was roasting. I’m glad my January race is done. Hopefully I can get back to my good race times in 3 weeks for the Valentine’s Day run.

Pictures, Splits and Maps

See it was cold, gray and cloudy!

Pre-Race Warming was actually warm!

After the Race, Eric looks not so much

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