A Bachelorette Party and Building a Wall

Monday, January 19, 2015

I really haven’t had much to say the past nine days. Work has been busy. Life after work has been busy.  

Last Sunday was my dress fitting. The alterations are as much as the dress. Yikes! I also did something I’ve never done before…I used my crock pot! I know crazy! Eric bought pork chops at Costco and I had to figure out how to prepare them. I’m not much of a cook. But I found a crockpot recipe that was super easy and now I’m hooked! I need to find more recipes. Unfortunately, I can only use it on the weekends. I’m away from home too long during the week (almost 11 hours) to use it during the week.

Tuesday was volleyball. We had “playoffs” for the lower bracket (i.e. the teams that suck). We won both games! We get t-shirts! We went and celebrated. :)  …I didn’t get my run in. :(

Wednesday I finally hit the pool again. It was so nice, just me and Kin. I really don’t know Kin but he is always swimming when I go and his name is always on top of the sign-up sheet. I did about a half a mile. After a quick bite to eat, I went to sub for a volleyball game. We won all those games too. It was a good week for me and volleyball!

Thursday I worked late and got home late and got to band practice late. Oh well…that is the nature of the year end beast. It was fun to play my trombone again. It had been almost a month since the last time I played.  I know I always drag my feet and don’t want to go to band but once I’m there I have fun and love it. It is kind of like running. I drag my feet out the door and start running, hating it, but by the end I’m in love…not always, but usually.

Friday I decided to take advantage of the nice day and go for a short run outside. Eric joined me. We only did 2.25 but it was nice to be outside. Indoor running is not fun. After dinner, I didn’t have time to get to the pool before it closed. Probably a good thing, I might have drowned with all the food from dinner.

Saturday morning I went for a shorter long run. I mean 4 miles isn’t long, even by my standards, but after taking so much time off from running (and gaining 9 pounds) that was about all I could do. I also had a time constraint because I had a band council meeting at 10am so I didn’t have much time to get my run in. It felt ok, not great.  After the meeting, I went home to pick up Eric and we went to Boston Market for lunch and shoe shopping. I know, I buy a lot of running shoes. I’m addicted to new shoes. I got a different brand this time though. They are Hokas. I’ve heard really good things about them so I thought I’d try them out…but man are they expensive! Yikes! I was excited to try them out but waited until Sunday…I already ran once today.

After the shopping we came home, packed our bags, and headed down to Mankato for the Bachelorette party for Danielle. It was me, the bridesmaids and a few friends. We went to dinner at Bonfire’s and went back to Danielle’s and played Cards Against Humanity and had drinks and Jell-O shots. It was a fun evening.  Eric and Bradley had an exciting evening too. They rented a jackhammer and removed part of a wall in DJ’s basement. After that they got the floor ready for a new wall.

Sunday morning Beth and I met DJ and Brenda at Tandem Bagels for breakfast. Yum! A bagel breakfast sandwich! And a cinnamon roll! (No wonder I gained 3 pounds over the weekend.) After breakfast, Bradley and Danielle came over the DJ's house and we worked on building a wall. It was hard work but kind of fun. I also got a run in with my new Hoka shoes. At first I wasn’t impressed. I felt like I was running with bricks on my feet. I’m not sure if it was the shoes or my legs were tired from Saturday. But I persevered and ran 3 miles. I’m still not sold on the shoes. But I’ll keep trying them.

As for the 2015 Challenge, I’ve done 19 miles. Not the best performance but I have a whole year to make up for my slow start.

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