Where is this BIG mountain?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

So today was the day we left Seattle behind to go on an adventure into the wilderness. And what we got was rain, rain, and more rain oh and some snow. Yep at Paradise Visitor center it was sleeting/snowing. It was awesome.

Waterfalls everywhere!
We headed south from Seattle to Enumclaw, WA, the start of the Mt. Rainier road. It was raining and the sun was shining at the same time. The rain would win out and the rest of the day was rain and snow. We stopped at the first “view point” and only saw clouds. Bummer. Next stop was Skookum Falls, a 250 foot waterfall along the side of the mountain. It was really beautiful next to the White River. 
Skookum Falls
Next we tried to go to Tipsoo Lake but it was froze over still. Ugh! But we saw another waterfall:
Nickel Creek
Box Canyon was next up the road it was very cool. It wasn’t raining when we got there (surprisingly) so we had a nice look hike out to see the canyon. It was over 100 feet below but only about 15 feet across. The water was rushing through the canyon.
Walking to Box Canyon

Box Canyon

Martha Falls was just a short drive up the road. Thankfully there were tons of waterfalls to keep me excited. Martha Falls is 150 feet fall.
Martha Falls
Frozen Lakes and Snow
We swung around Lake Louise and Reflection Lakes which both still had ice. No reflections today. Heck there wasn’t even a mountain today! 
Reflection Lakes
We made the 2 mile trek up to Paradise where we were greeted with sleet and failing snow. At Paradise, we were the closest to Mt. Rainier that would could get to and we still couldn’t see it. We got our passport cancelation stamp and had some lunch before heading back down the mountain.

Two More Falls
The last two falls on our trip around Mt. Rainier were Narada and Christine. Narada was a bit of a hike down. Normally it wouldn’t bother me but we were hiking on ice and snow…yes snow. Oh and it was pouring raining. Not a fun hike down but the view of this 168 foot waterfall was worth it. I think I rather hike up than down thought. 
Narada Falls
We finished up out visit to Mount Rainier with a stop at Christine Falls. It was only 40 feet but well worth the stop.
Christine Falls
Overall it was as good of day as can be expected with rain, sleet, snow and endless fog. Someday I may be back and can actually see the crowning jewel, Mount Rainer! 

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