Saturday, June 14, 2014

And then there was one…
Well the first day is in the book for Seattle. And I have officially been to 49 states. The only state missing is Hawaii. We had a very early morning flight. We barely made it to our gate thanks to MSP security nightmare. In case you weren’t aware, MSP airport went from 6 checkpoints to 2. We stood in line for almost an hour between dropping our bag and getting through security. The lines were ridiculous. TSA says it is because of cut backs. I think it is because they want everybody to sign up for TSA Pre check and pay the $99 to join. It sucks. We got on our flight for a fairly uneventful 3 hour flight. We got our bags and hopped on the light rail to downtown Seattle.

Hyatt Olive 8
We had planned on just dropping our bags and run but thankfully we were able to get into our room. At 9:30am!  Amazing! Our room at the Hyatt Olive 8 is great. I love it. The bed is comfy and the view isn’t bad. We relaxed for a bit and then we headed up to Pike’s Place Market. We got to see them throw some fish which is the thing to do. We walked around the market and grabbed some lunch at the cheese place and watch them make cheese. After lunch, we walked down to the waterfront and checked out the piers and took a harbor cruise. It was a nice cruise, we got to see cruise ships, the coast guard perform a water drill and a big cargo ship.

Safeco Field 
Last night we went to Safeco Field for a Mariners game. It was a close game. King Felix was pitching. They were a lively crowd. The stadium reminds me of Miller Park in Milwaukee. Nothing special but it was nice to visit. We got home and crashed. It was an early morning.

Run, Swim, Bike
This morning I went for a 3 mile run up to the Space Needle (the line was huge) and down to the water front and back to our hotel. It was a nice run. But there were hills! Eric did some work…yes he has turned into one of those…working on vacation. This afternoon we did a bike tour of the city. It was interesting. The guide really liked to talk and talk and talk. We covered the city and mostly went downhill. We took the bikes on 2 elevators! I am so glad we did! There were some hills by the Space Needle (which I ran on early today). It was a very active day for me because I also went swimming. Now we are heading out for some dinner and a sunset view of the city in Kerry Park.

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