Abbie’s Graduation

Friday, June 6, 2014

We have had one busy week. Eric had his running test on Tuesday. Which he passed of course. He always stresses about it and says he isn’t going to pass and then he comes home all cocky and said yeah I passed. Every year!

Abbie's Graduation
After work on Wednesday we headed to Mankato for Abbie’s Graduation. We meet the family, including Eric’s parents, at the high school for some pictures. We eventually went to the big arena on MSU campus. There were about 270 graduates. Thanks to Danielle’s mathematics abilities she figured out that if the top 10% of the class was 27 that the class had 270 kids. I would have done it the slow, dumb approach by counting how many names were in the program. I have to keep her around. Surprisingly the graduation was done in an hour and 15 minutes. I was impressed. However, considering the graduation started at 8pm, we didn’t get home until almost 11. Not a problem for me, but Eric had to work. 

Day Off
I took yesterday off because Danielle came up after the graduation to spend the night. We played Frisbee golf were if we would have kept score she would have killed me. I’m not very good at the sport! It was a beautiful day to be outside but the wind played a factor on our game. I have to blame my poor performance on something!

Wedding Planning
After the Frisbee golf we retreated back to the house to watch old tv shows and search Pinterest for wedding table decoration ideas. We have a few ideas but it is hard to imagine it, it is much easier to go to Michael’s craft store and play. We spent a lot of time walking around look for ideas. I think we came up with a good one. People will just have to wait and see.  We also went shopping for shoes. Danielle found her wedding shoes and a new pair of hiking shoes. Shockingly all I bought was inserts for my running shoes. Amazing…I know!

A grand slam wasn't enough...
We took the 5pm bus to the Twins/Brewers game downtown. I was anxious to get to the game because it was Kirby Puckett Jersey Night. I wanted a jersey. We got there just in time, they were running out fast. The game was good. We had a grand slam but that wasn't enough. Twins lost, Eric was mad and we left early. It was a long night. We get to do the Twins game again tonight. Back-to-back nights with great promotions means 2 games in a row for us. Tomorrow is another early morning race. I sure hope the rain holds off this time!

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