Zombie Runner San Francisco 10K

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This race report won’t be as upbeat as previous ones because to be honest my race sucked. I wasn’t prepared for the hills, I knew that.  And I made soft goal of finishing in 1:30.  I was close, actually my 10K time was 1:26 but the race was really 6.77 miles. That is over a half mile longer than it was supposed to be! My official time is 1:33. Whatever!

Strong-ish start, terrible middle, horrible finish.
My first mile was around 11:44.  Slower than I thought it would be but still acceptable. Around mile 1.5 is where the “fun” began. Steps up to the top of the hill, yes, steps. See it wasn’t a typical race, it was a “trail” race. So we walked up the steps. I tried running but thought to myself I still have 5 more miles to go, if I run up these steps now, I will have nothing in the tank for later! I ran a bit one on top of the hill but we continued to keep climbing. It felt like it was never going to stop!  I coasted down the hill at a fast clip, averaging around 10 minute/mile pace until we hit the sand…wait what, sand? Yep sand. We had to run on the beach for about a half a mile. I hate running on sand it is horrible! I didn’t run on the sand, I walked. Walking again! We stopped at the turn around spot and grabbed some water and a few graham crackers and headed back on the sand. I walked. When we hit the parking lot of the beach, I actually stopped to take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. Then we hit the big hill I just coasted down a few minutes before. I walked.  We got to the top of the hill and I ran again. And pretty much ran most of it from that point on. I even sprinted down the steps, I had to climb so long ago. My knees did not like that at all. We switched between running and walking during the home stretch. I was completely spent. I never thought the finish would come but there it was. I got across, got my medal and gorged on water and food. I was so happy to be done with it.
Pre Race View

At Mile 3.3, yes Eric we have to run back. Look at the view!

Success! We made it!

The Medal - Zombie Runner San Francisco 10K
What I learned!
I learned some things in this race. One is I hate hills and steps. But I already knew that but during this race made body made sure I knew it. I should have trained better. I knew what was at hand but I don’t think my mind really grasped what a 300 foot hill looks like. It isn’t fun! My legs were spent on the downhill sprint at mile 3 and I never recovered. I didn’t even finish strong on the flats. Hopefully I can move on from this “race” and do better in the future. I only have a few more days before our marathon relay. I’m very nervous!


But I finished my first 10K. Yay!

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