April 2014 Recap

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Runs: 15

Miles: 50
Races: 1 (3.1 miles) (Goldy's 5K - 37:37)
Outdoors: 12 (42 miles)
Indoors: 3 (8 miles)
Longest: 7 miles
Average Pace: 12:40

I saw major improvement in April. I had some runs with an average pace under 12! Mostly outside, where I much prefer to run but the last few have been inside. Yes, I've run when it was -5 degrees but this past week has been a wash out and cold and windy. So I took it inside. I had some really good, long runs. I did 5 miles in Rapid City along the creek, I did my longest run ever of 7 miles on Good Friday and my fastest 10K run this past weekend.  Here are my trophies from this month:

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