Running Blues

Monday, May 12, 2014

I’ve hit the “wall”. Normally you hear of the wall when talking about marathon running but I’m going to say I hit the “wall” of training. After the Gorilla Run, my running has been lacking. Yes I did 7 miles on Monday and it just about killed me. So much so that I didn’t run or bike or do anything for that matter the rest of the week. Friday I told Eric he had to go run with me to push me since I had taken 3 days off. I struggled to get 2.25 miles. Thankfully, my pace was back in the 12s.

The Long and Winding (and Hilly) Road
Eric and I went for a 4 mile run yesterday at the Spring Lake Regional Park. You know my hill work out place. It was so humid I struggled to breathe. I wasn’t happy during the run at all…running blues. I even struggled on the down hills! And walked up some of the up hills. Somehow, by the grace of Eric, I got my pace right at 12:31 but after 4 miles I was dead and we stopped. I had planned on doing 5 but just couldn’t muster another mile…running blues. Apparently the first two miles were good and the last two not so much. But the first 2 were mostly downhill and the last 2 were mostly up hill. See:

Fat Bottom Girl Riding a Bike
Yay for the bike, sick of the wind. So I actually went on 2 bike rides this week. Neither was very long. I need to go on a longer one but I think I want to do it myself without the company of Eric. So Sunday’s ride was around 9 miles but included a stop at Caribou Coffee. Like I said before…hot chocolate and bike ride don’t mix!

Saturday after a day of shopping and playing at the park with Stayers we really didn’t do much physical and I was feeling like I need to do something, it was too nice of a day to sit inside. So we dragged the bikes for a ride. It started out fine with a nice sun. We biked about 3 miles to Lions Park and went down the hill, turned the corner and bam…wind. It sucked! I got to use my aero bars a lot to keep myself low so I had less wind resistance. But, man, it was tough. And we had a long way to go into the wind the whole way. No wonder the first 3 miles were so easy…we had the wind at our back! So we weaved our way around the path, still managing to keep a good pace considering the wind. Thankfully that meant we didn’t go very far because as we were making our way to home it started to lightning and thunder and less than 5 minutes after we walk in the door it started to pour. Our nice day went to heck. We mustered a measly 7.5 miles…I almost ran further than that on Monday!

Eating…a 3 week challenge
Well today starts a 3 week challenge in the eating department. Tonight I’m meeting my volleyball friends for dinner at Green Mill, we got a $25 gift card as a team to use. Tuesday is a Twins/Red Sox game so hot dogs, nachos, etc…no healthy eating at the ball park. Wednesday is a pedi with Celeste so that might be a cereal night. Thursday is band and Eric is watching my friend’s kids so that means eating out beforehand and Friday is another Twins game. We are going to 7 baseball games in 2 weeks…lots of stadium food.  Plus our vacation! This is a food/eating nightmare! I’m sure I’ll gain a lot of weight over the course of the next 3 weeks so I’m sure I’ll be Debbie Downer. :( You have been warned.

Training Update

Miles ran in 2014:  222.5 miles (only 177.5 miles left to go)
Weekly Mileage: Swim = 0 mile; Bike = 16.5 miles; Run = 9.3 miles; Total = 25.8 miles 

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