Triple Play at Coor’s Field

Monday, May 19, 2014

We are on day 3 of our vacation and so far so good. We had no issues getting here besides the long wait for security at MSP. We got here about 10:30 and luckily we were able to check in to our hotel that early so we dropped off our luggage and relax for a bit and then we went out to lunch with the family.

The Talking
After lunch we went back to Matt and Amy’s for a while and eventually ended up back at the hotel in Phil’s room. We were going shopping but you know those Williams boys they like to talk…and talk…and TALK! Our trip to the mall didn’t happen for over THREE hours! LOL! We eventually got the mall and we split up men and women. We had to find a swimming suit for Katelynn and I needed a new wallet because my clasp broke on mine at the airport and since the clasp is what keeps my phone from flying out in needed a new one. We meet everybody at the food court for dinner. Eric’s parents had come into town in the meantime and joined us. And the Williams boys talked and talked. Thankfully the mall closed at 9 so we only sat there for about 2 hours this time. LOL! We were all pretty much exhausted by that point so we actually got back to the hotel by 10.

Altitude, not Attitude
So yesterday morning I was up bright and early. Someday I’d like to be able to sleep in! It was about 6am and I was starving but the breakfast didn’t open until 7am. As soon as 7am hit I was down there and was happy to see they had Nutella…I was in heaven! Eric was up when I came back to the room and he had some breakfast too and after that we relaxed for a while before we headed out for a run. As we were leaving the hotel we ran into Phil and Katelynn. Phil had thought he wasn’t going to run but was very happy to see we were. So we waited for him to get ready at we headed down to the High Canal Trail. It was a very nice paved trail through the city. I struggle through 4 miles, Phil did 7. The first mile was fast but I felt like I was being suffocated. When you are used to running at 800 feet of elevation, 5,400 feet of elevation will kill you the first time out. But I did ok considering. My splits were around 13 minutes.

Triple Play
After a quick shower we headed to Matt and Amy to meet the rest of the family for the Rockies game. Our seats were awesome. Right behind 3 base, 9 rows up. Katianna and Matthew got some pictures with some of the Padre players so that was cool. Apparently a foul ball hit right in our section too but nobody got it. :(  For the first time in my life, we saw a triple play. It was cool. Eric and I ventured around and checked out all the sites like the center field feature with water falls and the water shuts up when there is a Rockies homerun. Way cool.

The Walk-Off
The game went into extras when former Minnesota Twins closer (from 2003), LaTroy Hawkins blew the save. When he was announced Eric and looked at each other (there were 10 seats between us) and both cracked up laughing. He is still pitched…that is amazing. At the bottom of the 10th Justin Morneau came up…the Twins’ awesome former 1st baseman and he hit a walk-off home run. What a fantastic way to end the game for us. I think everybody enjoyed the game, Phil said it was the best game he had ever seen and the seats helped!

After the game we meet at the Blake Tavern for food and more talking and eventually made or way back the hotel…after we witnessed a hit-and-run accident. It was crazy. The person ran the red light made a U-turn (on a one way street) and ran dragging their back tire going the wrong way!! It was seriously crazy. The poor guy that got hit was in shock, he said he was fine but he will feel it today. We stuck around because we witnessed it and we were the only vehicle in that entire intersection to do that! That is sad! That made our return kind of late. We went back to the hotel for some swimming at that capped off a great second day of vacation!

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