Gorilla Run 5K

Monday, May 5, 2014

Imagine over 1,500 people dressed as Gorillas in a small area…yep that was the Gorilla Run. These novelty runs are interesting. Everybody was dressed up in some way or another. There was Marilyn Monroe, cowboys and cowgirls, princess, etc. I wore my Mauer jersey. The race was not organized very well, at least not the official counting for the Guinness World Record. It took forever to get into the count area…over an hour. The race started an hour late because of it. So once we were all counted and in the baseball field to have our picture taken, it was time to get to the starting line. Unlike most people, I stripped my costume for the run. There was no way I could run 3 miles in it. It really restricted my movement and I’m still a newbie runner and I want to get a good idea if my running is getting better and in the suit it wouldn’t have been accurate. I wore an yellow shirt so I said I was Eric’s banana…he ran in the suit.

On the Course
The course was flat. So it was felt fast.  The first mile was strong. I thought I was going to break the 10 minute barrier. I was so close too. The whole time my watch was say around 10:54 so I thought for sure I got it but after the 1 mile mark I looked at my watch and it was set to current pace, not average pace so my first mile was actually 11:02. :( I was so close! If my watch was on the right mode, I would have pushed to get under 11. Next time I have to remember to look for that. Mile 2 was still strong, I slowed a bit, I was disappointed in not getting the 10:XX in the first mile. Mile 3 was tough. I think the first two miles really wore me out at the much faster speed. I actually had to walk a bit. I didn’t walk at all in Goldy’s. It wasn’t very long, maybe 10 seconds. I cruised into the finish for an “official time” of 50:28…wait what?  So my actual time was about 36:58 but for some reason the timing chip didn’t register me crossing the finish line. But it must have got me when we walked past the finish line on our way to our car. I was so disappointed that that time is out there for everybody to see and it isn’t accurate in the least. Even my first 5K was 7 minutes faster than that.  Argh!

Here is my splits and map. You can tell I really slowed down on Mile 3. The line is red.

Here are pictures of the day:

Training Update
Miles ran in 2014:  209.2 miles (only 190.8 miles left to go)
Weekly Mileage: Swim = 0 mile; Bike = 0 miles; Run = 9.3 miles; Total = 9.3 miles 

It was a wet, cold windy week so I didn’t go biking and I wimped out on swimming

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