On the run

Monday, March 5, 2012

So I’ve been on a running kick again.  These are usually short lived and end when I get bored with it.  I’ve been doing it for over a month now and I’m not quite bored with it yet.  There might be hope for me!  Maybe one day I can say “yes, I am a runner!”  But for now let’s just say I’m a slow jogger or a really fast walker.  I’m devoted to the Community Center walking track for the runs.  1 lap = 7/10 of a mile.  So that means 14 laps = a mile. (around and around and around)  I’ve been stuck on the 2 mile distance.  I know I should bump it up and I will in due time but for now I’m working on getting my speed up and building the endurance to run for 2 miles non-stop at a good pace.   I can actually run the 2 miles non-stop but my time is slow. 
Lately I’ve been doing some interval training.  That is where I run 3-7 laps at my fastest speed, walk a lap and repeat.  I find this fun to do and that could be why I haven’t gotten bored with running yet.  Saturday was my fastest 2 mile time ever (well at least that I can remember).  It was 45 seconds faster than my next fastest time.  Brace yourself…I did it in 25:30.  Like I said I’m SLLLLLOOWWWW.  And I only walked 3 laps.   But to give an idea of how far I have come and why I was very excited with the time, 39 days ago it took me 29:40 and I walked a lot of it because I was just so damn out of shape.  That is an improvement of 4:10!  I think that is huge.  My goal is to get my 2 mile time down to 20 minutes.  I know it is going to get harder from here because I actually need to pick up speed and not just stop walking laps.   
Tonight is another running night.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to just run all 28 laps or do faster interval training.   I guess I’ll decide at the track.

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