Mom worked us like a slave

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It is so weird not having to post a picture every day. But I’m glad that I’m done with the challenge.
This weekend I went to Independence by myself.  Eric had class. Mr. Procrastinator didn’t create a Power Point presentation for his Saturday Class. I was up until midnight creating his a Power Point.  Boy was I tired Saturday morning, I slept until 8am. 
Mom warned us a month ago that were would be cleaning her house this weekend.  Mom said we wouldn’t start cleaning her house until 9am.  She started barking orders at 8:30 am.  She is such a slave driver…LOL!  Nancy, Mike, Becky and I cleaned her whole place, the walls, floors, woodwork, windows and the garage.  It was 3 sold hours of cleaning.  After that we had lunch with my cousin, Jim and his wife, Deb.  Mom made pork chops AND beef roast.  I guess she was cleaning out Mike’s freezer.  It was good. 
After that we went to my friend, Lynn’s baby shower.  She is one of my high school friends and was in our wedding.  It was so nice see her again and her sister, Lisa.  My other high school friend, Monica, was there.  I saw her briefly at my friend, Mandi’s wedding last May. I also got to see my college friend and former roommate, Angela.  I seriously haven’t seen her since Lynn’s wedding. I’m such a bad friend.  She lives in the Twin Cities and I never see her.  I have her cell phone number now so I have no excuse!  Lynn got so many presents.  We were there until 6pm! I guess we missed 4:30pm Mass. Oh well.
Mom and I went to the nursing home afterwards to see Eileen.  We were there for an hour and half and then we went to Root Beer Stand. It used to A&W but not anymore.  The Root Beer was good but no A&W. 
Today we went shopping at Kohl’s and had dinner at Olive Garden and I came home.  It was a busy weekend! To make up for lost time I took Eric to Dairy Queen for the Blizzard Sale.  
Lynn, Angela, Kim and Monica

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