Meltdown in 3…2…1

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This year marks the 10th anniversary of my website  What started as a simple website to give family and friends information about our wedding in August 2003 has turned into a massive repository of everything about our lives.  It is the filled with thousands of pictures, family information, travel information and plans, etc.  Currently the website has almost 18 GB of information.  And that doesn’t include the data that got lost over 5 years ago when my former hosting company lost all my files when they switch servers (that was another meltdown moment about 5 years ago).  It is my baby and I’m very proud of it.  So yesterday when for the 4th day in a row I couldn’t update my website, I was starting to panic.  I found out that my hosting company discontinued using FrontPage Extensions…the only way I know how to publish my website.  HOW COULD THEY!  And why didn’t the tell us!!!!  I had a meltdown.  There was kicking, there was throwing, there was slamming, there was even fist pounds to the countertop and even crying (aren't those the stages of coping with death?).  I’ve had meltdowns before but this one was of epic portions!  Eric tried to calm me down which made me angrier.  It wasn’t a pretty sight.  I finally calmed down enough to call technical support. Thankfully they got me what I need so I can now update my website, albeit a more cumbersome way, but still it can be updated.  Whew!
That dilemma pretty much took most of my evening.  Thankfully I made dinner before the meltdown so Eric had something to eat. 
I also upload the videos from my concert on Sunday. We played at the Edinborough Indoor Park.  It was a great concert.  Unfortunately it went too long because the last song didn’t get on the disk. I’m sad about that because it was actually one of my favorites of the concert.  Oh well.  I’ll post the playlist later today.
I did my run last night too.  I’m pretty happy with my results, even after I realized I missed a lap.  I did interval training where I ran as fast as I could for 3 laps and walk a lap and repeat.  My average split on the running laps was 48 seconds.  That is very impressive since my previous best was 52 seconds.  4 seconds over 20+ laps really adds up.  I thought I had done the run in 24:39. I was so pumped! But during my 1st lap cool down I was looking at my splits and realized I only ran 27 laps. Oops!  So I sprinted one more lap. That was the fastest lap I’ve ever done at the Community Center. It was 39 seconds which would be about 6.6 mph or a 9 minute mile.  For me that is fast. Someday I hope to get down to that consistently but for now I’m happy. 
So I ended the day on a happy note.  My website can be updated again, I got the concert videos upload and I ran well.  :-)


  1. So what are you using now? ADE
    My sister in law has been trying to get me to use Ruby on Rails. ADE