Day 41 - A picture of your pet

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Swirl! He is our naughty cat. We got him a few months after our wedding (8 years ago). We aren’t really sure where he came from. Byron rescued him from Eric’s mom’s car when he was a very young kitten. Judy could tell you the whole story. Juanita, our niece, took very good care of him for the month before we got him. He made an amazing journey to join our family. He went on a long car ride from Rapid City, SD to Huron, SD (for the SD State Cross Country Meet) where he was picked up by DJ. I think he spent the night at Dan and Libby's in Mitchell, SD before going to Mankato where we picked him up. What an adventure for a little kitten.

He is a weird cat. He is a very long lanky cat with beautiful swirls on his sides (hence the name). Actually I credit Carrie with the name because she told me that he had swirls like a cinnamon roll. 

He loves me, tolerates Eric and despises everybody else, especially Greg and pizza delivery guys…he growls like a dog at them. He enjoys sitting in the window mimicking the birds that eat at our bird feeder. Strangely, he is afraid of birds and being outside in general. 

Besides his regular diet, he loves peas, string cheese and turkey sandwich meat. He will only drink water if it is flowing like a waterfall. If we shut off his water fountain he won’t drink. 

He has many other odd characteristics.

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