Stai Family Reunion

Thursday, August 18, 2016

What a great day for a reunion. The weather was perfect, the food was excellent and sharing time with family and friends was enjoyable.
We started prepping for it early Saturday morning. The guys came to start grilling the chicken. I love a good BBQ chicken. Eric and I had to get a few things and drop mom’s car off at the park for the late night show at Ashley for the Arts. We stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast. I can tell when mom is not working the service is bad. So I ordered a #2 (Sausage, Egg, Cheese on an English muffin). I get in the car and they forgot my egg and cheese. It was just bacon. So I took it back in and they gave me my egg and cheese. We were driving back to Mike’s and I take a bit and it is the wrong type of egg. I didn’t even realize that they put it on biscuit. WTF? You see on the McMuffins you get an egg that looks like an egg and tastes like an egg. On the biscuits you get some fried slab of egg that is nasty. At this point I just ate it.
People started coming around 11am. We bought mugs for the event so we were personalizing them with tags. I decided to be fancy with some of them and I became the name tag writer.  Ha!  The food was great. Besides the chicken and ribs, we had beans, potato salad, corn on the cob and lots of salads and desserts. It was so good.
Some of the kids, and when I say kids I include Eric and Bradley, had a water balloon fight. Some played bean bag toss and of course others played cards.
My cousin, Jim brought his brand new puppy over for a visit to. He was so dang cute! My friend, Jenny, and her sister Tracy came for dinner and we went over to the Ashley for the Arts to see X Ambassadors at the amphitheater for the 10pm show. It was a very long day but so much fun!

Busy Grilling
Stai Cousins
Off to X Ambassadors
See more pictures here: Stai Reunion 

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