Another Half Marathon

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wow it is weird to think that in less than 38 hours I’ll be starting my 4th half marathon. I’m calmer with this one than I was with Grandma’s. I’m not sure why. My training between Grandma’s half and now has been terrible. My long runs have not been long, I only did two VERY SLOW 8 mile runs and had a disastrous 10 mile race two weeks ago. I really have no great excuse for my lack of training other than it has been hot, humid and busy.

Looking back at that 10 mile race, it was a lot harder than I predict this half will be. First of all, there isn’t a crazy 400 foot elevation climb in the first 5 miles. Also this half has a lot more participants, more aid stations and ice. I love ice! Also I know the course.

Good ol’ Shepard Road. I have lost track of how many races I have completed on Shepard Road. (Ok I just counted and it is 8 times which is 11% of my completed races…I have done 76 races!) It is mostly flat with a few long hills. There are some views of the Mississippi river and it runs along a train track that is very busy. All the races I have run here have been out and backs which I hate. The road is primarily cement. I don’t like cement. I need to stop with this because I’m dragging my good spirit down.

I’m looking forward to being there to see Eric’s niece, Juliette complete her first half. Granted I won’t see her finish as she will be done an hour before me. LOL! But I’ll be there in spirit and I can see her multiple times with this out and back course. So I guess the out and back is a good thing…this time.

Juliette is bringing a friend along and DJ is going to come cheer us on too. I guess that is another good thing about the out and back course, convenient cheering areas for our adoring fans. See my turtle like trot on one side of the road, see Eric and Juliette, the gazelles, on the other and vice versa. See my spirit is coming right back!

I don’t have any major goals for this race. I always say under 3 hours. But this time I don’t have some crazy 2:50 goal…really I just want to see 2:59:59 or faster. :)

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