Mankato 10K

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Breakout 10K.

We met my mom, Mike and Brenda at Caribou at 6:45am for some pre-race beverages. I was still feeling a bit stuffed up from my cold…yes I got a cold before my “should be breakout 10K.” I was very angry Friday morning when I woke up with a stuffed up nose. I actually wanted to cry because I trained really hard for this 10K and it was going to be ruined by a damn cold. But alas, I drank my delicious Caribou hot chocolate, excited for the day but also nervous how my breathing would be effected.

The Start
It was pretty chilly and very windy morning when Eric, DJ and I stood at the start line. DJ dropped down to the 10K from the full marathon…she was smart! The temperature at start time was 45 degrees but with 12 mph wind it felt cold. But I was ready to go; I wanted this to be awesome. There were almost 700 of us lined up at the start. The Half and Full marathoners were around too. They started 30 minutes after us. They blew the horn and we were on our way. At about a half mile I thought to myself I’m crazy. This cold, windy air is going to make me sicker but I pressed on.

Mile 1 was good at 11:12. There were a ton of people around us. DJ was way ahead of us…and she said she was walking it…liar!  The first couple miles were pretty boring as we ran through some neighborhoods. There were some rolling hills that don’t even show up on the elevation chart. I run up all the hills!  Mile 2 came in a little slower at 11:16 but like I said there were some hills.

The Middle
Between Mile 2 and 3 was the first water stop. I walked through the water stop because I still haven’t mastered drinking and running and I didn’t want to get wet when it was so cold and windy. Mile 3 was my slowest of the entire run at 11:22. I wasn’t too upset because I walked through the water stop and I knew what was coming…the HILL! The main reason I decided to jump up to the 10K this weekend was I know the hill would be fun to run down and I’d have a good time. I was right. Mile 4 was all downhill and my pace for that mile was the fastest mile EVER for me. I ran it in 10:19. My fastest mile by almost 30 seconds. Somewhere on the hill I past DJ and never looked back. Eric always told me that hills were equalizers. He was right. I was feeling awesome…until I hit the bottom of the hill.

The Finish
Flying down the hill was great but when you get to the bottom you realize you still have 2 more miles to go. It really was a blow to my ego.  But I kept trucking on. Mile 5 was tough as we ran on Stoltzman Road and they didn’t block it off to traffic so we had to run on the shoulder with cars whipping past us going 45+. That was the toughest mile mentally even though it was my second fastest at 11:11. Mile 6 brought us on to Riverfront Drive. It was a relief we had the road to ourselves. Mile 6 was slow at 11:19.  Eric left me at some point before we reached Mile 6. I had enough in me though to sprint to the finish. My last split was a 9:36 pace. I think the speed workouts are helping.

It took over a  minute for me to get over the "start" line. That is my time says 1:08.

Results and Analysis
My overall time was 1:07:43 with a pace of 11:04, my fastest 10K by 12 minutes. This 10K was a little short of a true 10K but who cares. If you extrapolate it out it would have been about 1:09. That is still 10 minutes faster. I was so happy with my result. I was smiling crossing the finish line. I felt great afterwards too. The 11:04 pace was also my fastest pace for any of my runs ever…and I went 6 miles! I know that big hill helped a lot but I am excited for my next 5K. Maybe, just maybe, I can get under 35.

My time for the last half of this 10K was 33:59! That included the hill. If you take the hill out of the equation my 5K time was 34:55. I can do this!
Mankato Marathon 10K Medal. Nice medal!

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