The Blue Lagoon

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Blue Lagoon…the must do Iceland activity. I’m not sure I completely agree with that statement. But it seems like everybody does it.

Am I glad I did it? Sure. Was it worth? Probably not. 

The cost of admission was about $95 for Eric and I. The most expensive thing we did on the trip (besides Greenland, but that involved round trip airfare and a guide for 5 hours). For that $95 we only got admission into the place. If we wanted a drink and towel that would have been an additional $90. It is way too expensive. If somebody is traveling to Iceland on a budget, forget the Blue Lagoon and rent a car and tour the South Coast. It will cost you the same but the experience would be way more enjoyable! 

So back the lagoon. It isn’t as big as I was expecting. The water felt nice and warm but some places were too hot. It isn’t a natural wonder. It is actually “produced” by the plant that steams in the background. It doesn’t really smell, I was anticipating that rotten egg smell. It really messes with your hair and dries it out and I didn’t even put my head under water! The bottom is very uneven so I would not suggest somebody with bad footing to even try it. I also didn't like all the naked ladies walking around in the shower room. Lets just say they were not afraid to expose everything in the wide open. I'm more conservative and don't really care to see it in front of me like that.

So I guess my overall experience was ok. The water felt nice but after an hour I was so pruned that I had to get out. So for $95 I could have seen a lot more but like I said before it was an “experience.”

Here are some pictures:

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